Jun 30, 2010

ATTN HENRY OROMBI/UGANDA: ¨We make the country Uganda and the whole world aware of the equality of every individual before God¨

Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Founder, Integrity/Uganda
Integrity Uganda is a non-denominational, non-political; faith based registered community based organization.

The Flag of Uganda


Founder: Bishop C. Ssenyonjo
President: Dennis Iraguha
Sec/coordinator: David Kato
Treasurer: Nabuuma Teddy

INTEGRITY UGANDA / IFU is for all marginalized minorities


To see a liberated lgbti believer community and others inclusive
in all Ugandan strata.


To bring not only spiritual food to the marginalized lgbti
community but to access full human rights despite their sexual
diversity/ orientation and gender differences since all are God's

To cut off antigay religious dogma and attacks on the lives and
civil liberties of lgbti people by sensitizing all citizens and resisting
the injustices through working hand in hand with mainstream
organizations, non-governmental, policy makers, religious leaders
to bring about recognition of the marginalized lgbti community in


David Kato, Secretary and Coordinator, Integrity/Uganda

To bring the marginalized lgbti believer community together for
spiritual enrichment despite their being discriminated against in
their churches/mosques.

To create awareness in the lgbti believer community of their legal
rights despite of their sexual-orientation and the criminalizing law
against same sex relations and sensitize them of their rights to
demand for their freedom since can not be given voluntarily by
oppressors but by being demanded by the oppressed. (Rev
Martin Luther King)

To offer professional guidance and counseling to the depressed,
desperate, hopeless, and homeless, HIV/AIDs lgbti victims to gain
self esteem and not resort to suicide, alcoholism, peer pressure,
drug abuse with a revolving fund project to be set eradication of
poverty among the lgbti community could be reached.

To lobby religious leaders and institutions to tolerate a dialogue
with lgbti people so as to get aware of their ways and determine a
way forward dealing positively with lgbti issues as children of God

To research, document and use non violent direct actions to
confront the oppressors relentlessly until truth will prevail, working
hand in hand with internal and external non governmental human
rights organizations to lobby policy makers for legal reforms. The
documentation of Religious utterances that promote homophobia
done deliberately or unintentional, integrity seeks to make
religious leaders and institutions accountable for misinformation
that has led to suffering, violence and death of lgbti people in the
Uganda society.

To set targets in fighting against HIV/AIDs, ignorance and STDs
among the marginalized lgbti community.


Lobby Religious church leaders, local constitutional and
international non-governmental, agencies in the struggle of
liberating the marginalized lgbti community by seeking law

Sensitize and reaching out to the discriminated to gain hope and
join the struggle for liberation to full human rights at least to
toleration and equality before the law despite of the sex


We make the country Uganda and the whole world aware of the
equality of every individual before God and the existence and
worth living of the marginalized lgbti community on a free
environment with full human rights.


SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda)
Amnesty International
E.A. Horn of Africa
Other sheep Ministries, East Africa
Changing attitude Nigeria
Integrity USA

Kampala, Uganda
Integrity Uganda
David Kato, Secretary

PO Box 70208 Kampala, Uganda (East Africa)
Email: integratedfelug@gmail.com

David Kato, Integrity and Steve Parelli, Other Sheep Ministry
Membership with Other Sheep HERE

Member with Other Sheep since December 20, 2007


An Article on Liberty of Conscience

Certain views from different religious leaders against the
fundamental rights of homosexuals have been brought up
in reaction to the LGBTI press release of Friday, August
17, 2007. A spokesperson of Integrity Uganda, a faith
based Christian organization that maintains that the Bible
does not condemn same-sex relationships, says the
question of gay rights in Uganda is a fundamental human
rights question and not a theological question.

Integrity Uganda calls upon the Christian churches of
Uganda to reexamine the scriptures in light of the stories
of gay Christians of Uganda, the social sciences and
psychology. But, says Integrity, though the churches of
Uganda may not reexamine its theological position on
homosexuals, they must be clear on its teaching of
fundamental human rights and the liberty of conscience
when it comes to its official policy on gay rights.

The Christian doctrine of the liberty of conscience
teaches that no mere human authority – civil government
or religious institutions – has power to grant or to withhold
from men the exercise of freedom in matters of religion.
Homosexuality is a private religious matter between God
and the individual. Liberty of conscience teaches that it is
the individual's inalienable right to exercise his judgment
without restraint in religious matters and to give
expression, freely and fully to his religious convictions,
without human dictation or interference. Not all religious
people believe homosexuality is irreligious, ungodly or
sinful. More and more, Christians in South Africa, Nigeria,
the Americas, Europe and other parts of the world are
changing their views on the Bible and homosexuality. read it all,

"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. I must bring them also."
John 10:16 NRSV

· Thanks to Integrity, Uganda
· Thanks to Other Sheep, East Africa
· Thanks to Bishop C. Ssenyonjo
· Thanks to Changing Attitude, Uganda
· Thanks to Integrity, U.S.A.
· Thanks to Changing Attitude, United Kingdom


The ANGLICAN UN, United Nations, HUMAN RIGHTS Observer, Mrs Hellen Grace Wangusa from Uganda, has an office and staff provided by the Episcopal Church (USA) at the Church Center 815 Second Avenue, New York, 10017. The direct office line is (001) 212-716- 6263 and the email address unoffice@episcopalchurch.org

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