Jun 24, 2010

THE SONG/DANCE OF IGNORANCE: ¨Landlords Who Won't Rent to Gays Because They Fear God's Wrath¨

God of Wrath, from Juan Pablo Giusepponi

¨Perhaps it's the heat, but this has been a very strange month for religion. There was the Church in Tennessee that banished lesbians from its softball league, suggesting that gay people don't make good softball coaches or players.

There's this man, who went viral across the Internet in a tell-all video suggesting that he has been saved from homosexuality by the loving power of God — only to wear what might be the most flamboyant outfit the planet has ever seen. (Seriously, I went as Miss America for Halloween once when I was a teenager, and I didn't even pull off an outfit like this.)

He´s Wrath, My Fall, from V.L.G.

And who can forget the Family Research Council, which is out with a call today urging Christians to rename July 4th "Call2Fall," a day where all people get down on their knees and pray for God to save the country "from moral collapse" and an "agenda of perversion" (among which, you guessed it, includes gay rights).

But this story may take the cake: a landlord in Canada was brought before the Human Rights Commission in the Northwest Territories because he refused to rent to two gay tenants. Why? He feared God's wrath.

Wrath Of God, from Celeriter

"Homosexuality isn't natural and it's a crime against nature. I can definitely not have a part in it," Will Goertzen testified, before picking up a Bible and reading from it. (We'll be curious to see which verses he decided to read to back up his points, since Jesus never really said anything about homosexuality.) Then he concluded: "There's a reason I'm fearful: God is bigger than me and any person on Earth.''

Moral of the story: God is big. God would not lease a condo to gay people. HERE

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