Jun 9, 2010

THE GREAT ANGLICAN PRETENDER: Pope Rowan I ¨The end of authentic Anglicanism¨

The GREAT PRETENDER, Archbishop of Canterbury/Anglican Pope Rowan I

¨The Archbishop of Canterbury has taken the first steps towards the formal establishment of an Anglican papacy.

It started with the issuing of a load of papal bull on Pentecost, in which His Wholiness indicated his intention to start meting out punishments he has no power to mete out.

He would, he declared, start taking steps to punish those Anglican provinces which had "formally" taken any action which did not conform the the Windsor Report. Williams appears to have missed the salient fact (as set forth by the former Primate of Central America) that the Windsor Report is (not to put too fine a point on it), merely a report and not a piece of legislation, nor a bit of Holy Writ handed down from Sinai. And he justified his coup de eglise by referring to the so called Anglican Covenant that has yet to be adopted by a single province of the Communion.

His Snideness, Anglican Pope Rowan I

Apparently Rowan lied.

¨...in his initial bull, Pope Rowan indicated that he would also proceed against other provinces deemed to have violated the Windsor Moratoria (no gay bishops, no blessing same sex unions, no setting up parallel churches in somebody else's territory).¨

And what about the border crossers? What about Rwanda? Nigeria? Kenya? Uganda? Southern Cone of America?

Well, despite the FACT that all of the invading provinces are caught out dead to rights, most of them are let off scot free. Only Venables, Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone of America, will receive a pretty letter asking him if he's been a good boy. And doubtless his answer will be taken at face value by the Lambeth junta.

Let's be clear, all of those listed provinces are actively engaged in violations of the Windsor moratorium on border crossing. The Anglican Church of Nigeria has a congregation that meets just down the street from my parish church - and some 10,000 kilometres from Nigeria. Yet Pope Rowan chooses not to notice. read it all, HERE

A Very Personal Opinion: +ROWAN, RESIGN

By choosing to ignore and deny the reality of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual Anglican/other PERSECUTION and OUTCASTING in Jamaica, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and beyond, Rowan Williams has committed a vile act against humanity with his SILENCE. His rigorously maintained acts of posturing/scorn for ¨inclusiveness¨ at Church and his snide ¨prudent¨ SILENCE in the face of human misery have cost, and will cost, untold suffering and crimes of unstoppable HATE throughout the Anglican Communion and beyond.

Rowan Williams has chosen to ¨turn his head¨ away from the root of violence which is the selective Scriptural ignorance and grandstanding preached by selfrighteous border-crossing opportunist/thief bishops who have blood on their soiled hands at Yelwa, in Jamaica, Uganda and even ENGLAND. Rowan Williams avoids TRUTH and JUSTICE in favor of a cowardly approach to ¨status quo.¨

A well-educated man, Dr. Williams, must LIVE with and UNDERSTAND clearly, the everyday REALITY of the vicious, and murderous acts of prejudice and damning against LGBT innocents he commits with his SINS OF OMISSION faux leadership game/campaign. Dr. Williams has initiated an ill-conceived approach to growing Anglican ethics and morals by seeking to deny the existance and human rights of LGBT Anglicans at the Body of Christ. +Rowan ought resign immediately as he is incompetant, dangerous and a spiritually sick codependent ¨pretender¨ at The Church of England and at The Anglican Communion. +Rowans anti-LGBT POGROM must stop! Leonardo Ricardo

UPDATE FROM INCLUSIVE CHURCH: An open letter to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States

¨...We do not support the Archbishop’s position that only those in agreement with the majority view can be participants as Anglicans in ecumenical dialogue or for that matter any other representative body of the Anglican Communion. Indeed, the Episcopal Church’s diligence in undertaking “deep and dispassionate study of the question of homosexuality, which would take seriously both the teaching of Scripture and the results of scientific and medical research” with gay and lesbian people, as resolved at the 1978 Lambeth Conference, and in upholding their human rights, as emphasised at the 1988 Lambeth Conference, has been in marked contrast to the position of other provinces whose status as representative participants is unchallenged. We ask you to have the courage, commitment and humility to “remain at the table” not just until you are asked to leave but indeed until the table is removed from you. We recognise this is asking you to be in an uncomfortable place but the self-denial being asked of you is not for a gracious withdrawal but a silencing of voices that need to be heard...¨ read it all, HERE

CHANGING ATTITUDES UNITED KINGDOM: What the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General should really be doing

¨...Moral inequality is the name of the game for the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General. They have been selective in their exclusions. They demonstrate their inability to respond with Christian love, courage, wisdom and compassion to the campaign being fought by adherents of the old paradigm who want to marginalise at best and dehumanise at worst LGBT people.

What should the Archbishop and Secretary General be doing?

They should witness to the violence perpetrated against LGBT people. The anti-homosexuality Bills in Nigeria and Uganda are actively supported by Christians. Millions of LGBT Africans live in fear, intimidated by extreme rhetoric, vilified and attacked. In England, gay men continue to be murdered in homophobic attacks...¨ read it all, HERE

Here is the process for selection of the Archbishop of Canterbury. I am hopeful we will see this occur soon -- real soon -- like this year. Fred Schwartz

Appointment of the next Archbishop of Canterbury read it all, HERE

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Doorman-Priest said...

So, if he were to resign, who are the contenders for the throne?

Just out of interest as I can't see him going.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

The Bishop of Liverpool?

Bishop James ¨calls for Anglicans to ´accept a diversity of ethical convictions about human sexuality´
Jones! Sounds about right to me but then there may be other reasonable, sensitive, ¨loving ALL thy neighbor¨ type Bishops waiting in the wings (I don´t mean to nominate Lord ¨forgetful of the PAIN of his very own Uganda persecution/discrimination¨ York...what a grandstander).

Fr Hugh Jass said...

Katharine Jefferts Schori is the only hope. She should move into Lambeth.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Well, there may be a shortage of probable candidates, but really, to have just the pft... out of a tired ballon will do no good.

Finit Communion.