Jun 11, 2010

The Secret/Sin-keepers Club: Archbishop Rowan Williams, Anglicanlike Pope

Self-selected Anglican Pope Rowan I , The Archbishop of Canterbury

True, keeping dishonorable secrets for a lifetime can be difficult, frustrating, compromising and generally cowardly and shabby...however, some secrets are more important to keep than others apparently...do you agree? I mean, is it better to keep some secrets, which are actually dangerous sins of ommission, than to take chances, TRUST GOD, and speak out for the defending of TRUTH?

I Think of ¨secret sinkeeping¨ in the sense of keeping the Anglican Communion together for example...there is much to hide at the Church of England and throughout the Anglican Communion as Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, prefers to ignore, deny and/or simply distract us from REALITY.

Is Rowan protecting us from the TRUTH so he can demean, outcast, demote/forbid and AVOID TRUTHSEEKERS at the Body of Christ? No sense working out REAL historic misunderstanding/flawed thinking when one can attempt to merely banish challenges/wisdom or NEW and better informed translations/information about Gods diversity amongst humanity with the wave of a Bishops Crozier.

TRUTHFULLY, I must speak out bluntly against clergy liars, thieves and con-artists/extortionists and grandstanding illusionists/dillusionists and ¨sin-omitters¨ at the Anglican Communion. I must object--no matter how often--as holy sounding culprets sometimes come clean, trapped by their own LACK of TRUTH and then quickly forgive themselves, rationalize, repent, then often get ensnared again in their human errors and STRIKE OUT at the messengers who shed light on moral decay!

Outright deception or arrogant greedy stupidities are very unflattering non-virtues at Church at The Anglican Communion and beyond.

The Anglican Pope Pretender and Roman Pope

I´ve seen quite enough (and lived it) in the world of PURITY PRETENDING to know that ALL RELIGIOUS denominations have active TAINTED SINNERS at all levels of Churchlife. So why is this a secret? Shall we conveniently just ¨love the sinner and hate the sin¨ indiscriminately and shall we just all keep glossing over the rampant inability of many ¨religious people¨ to face their very own innermost character flaws and basic ill spiritual health? Are we expected to forgive by ignoring criminal behavior and call it ¨tolerance?¨

The SECRET of avoidance, pretend and DENIAL is in the playing of a self-deflecting/codependent SHAME GAME. A targeted GUILT TRIP, the PRIDEFILLED (orthodox?) JUSTIFIED STAB IN THE BACK ATTACK against others when TRUTH get too close to the exposing of fakery and dishonorable/irresponsible behavior at Church! It´s about dishonesty, it´s about lack of personal integrity and now it´s about being challenged when INCLUSIVE Christians stand up and SPEAK TRUTH instead of PERPETUATING COVENIENT/TIDY LIES of distraction/discomfort and FALSEWITNESS against others!

There is no place to hide from God.

REALITY REALLY is ripping the mask off clergymen/laity who deceive themselves and others in order to believe as they demand WE must..the worst and saddest kind of lies before God and our fellows...self-deception, feardriven hate, exclusion and self-righteous PRIDE.

Dr. Rowan Williams has chosen to ¨turn his head¨ away from the ignorance and crime fostering fear/hatecrime ROOTS of violence. The demonizing and outcastings which is amongst the selective Scriptural ignorance taught and preached at the Global South and other isolated places of religious dogma/bigotry at The Anglican Communion.

Bishop Rowan has ¨looked the other way¨ as grandstanding terrorfied/greedy selfrighteous men (mostly), dressed in religious collars and mitres, abuse, violate, steal from and discriminate against vulnerable ¨other¨ Anglicans WORLDWIDE! The ABC ignores the REAL danger of ignorance and lies as he pretends all is well amongst those of his brothers (mostly) who thieve and deceive.

Border-crossing opportunist/greedy bishops who have blood on their dirty hands at Yelwa, Jamaica, Uganda and even ENGLAND are ¨graciously¨ elevated as their ongoing destructiveness is ignored and they are encouraged to write punishing holy ¨covenants¨ and pretend to love their Anglican/other neighbors. Rowan Williams avoids TRUTH and JUSTICE and EVEN-HANDEDNESS in favor of a cowardly, and despicable, pandering approach to manipulating others for STATUS QUOKEEPING...Rowan Williams is the ¨first amongst¨ leader of the, sin omitting, SECRET SIN-KEEPERS brigade!

Finally, it´s clear, +Rowan Williams will sink to the deepest levels of avoidance, pretend and denial to keep himself and his accomplices safe/insulated from sharing the GIFTS of God for ALL the people of God as he excludes Episcopalians and others from ALL LEVELS of Anglicanlife.

Rowan Williams is a self-seeking SECRET/SIN-Keeper of the worst kind...he knows the difference between truthful right=reality and dead wrong=perpetuating the lies that harm, and often marginalize and kill (body and spirit), others worldwide...somehow +Rowan wants the cultures of ignorance, superstition and fear/hate to ¨catch up¨ without lifting a finger to help educate, illuminate or decontaminate twisted Christian beliving...he wants no one else to do it either and DOES attempt to punish those who enlighten with brotherly/sisterly love and self-honesty...you know, leading by example isn´t something that Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, seems to know how to do...and he attempts to forbid other Anglicans from doing it in the context of their own spiritual/religious and everyday lives.


Fr Hugh Jass said...

I like your picture of two Infallible men. But surely they can't BOTH be right?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Two wrongs still don´t make a right!