Jun 10, 2010

STRIDENT HOMOPHOBIA: ¨Emotionally and sexually intact people don't obsess over and/or condemn the love and sex lives of others¨

Strident Homophobia Is Born Of Frustration

Frustrated With Your Life Condition?

When people are frustrated with their condition in life, be it economically, emotionally, relationally, or sexually, there is the great temptation, if not a perceived downright need, to act out that frustration through aggression visited upon one or more people or groups that is or are felt to be safe to persecute.

So, for example, if a person is frustrated by his/her boss, that person might well displace that frustration and act aggressively toward his/her spouse and/or children and/or some minority group.

Similarly, when any of one's expectations exceed what is actually received, that frustration, that hurt, can and often is directed to others who often have nothing to do with the cause of that person's frustrations due to his/her unfulfilled expectations.

Strident homophobia can be seen to be a result of assorted frustrations people feel! As I've often written, emotionally and sexually intact people don't obsess over and/or condemn the love and sex lives of others!

Frustrated With Life?

Moreover, the torturing of logic to justify one's homophobia ("for the good of the children"; "maintain traditional family values"; "for purposes of national security"; "it's against the Bible," etc.) clearly shows how much the frustrations of life cause the emotional need for the strident homophobe to hang on to his/her homophobia so as to in some measure seek the release of the anxieties provoked by his/her frustrations...¨ read it all, HERE

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Precisely what I have thought for the last 30 years. And conversely, those that are all right with their sexuality are all right with the sexuality of others.

Leonardo Ricardo said...


Yes, I agree and amazingly few LGBT people think much about the sexual activities of Heterosexual people...I´ve noticed that my whole life...very lop-sided sexual speculating and the twisted fantasy thinkers aren´t Gay´s thinking about straights in bed...however the reverse is true!

Fr Hugh Jass said...

There must be a lot of frustrated gays at STAND FIRM.