Jul 30, 2015

THE OTHERSIDE OF THE VOLCANO - Part Fourteen: Running with the herd in Indianapolis, visiting loveable Unitarians and their loveable dog ¨Louie¨ in Orlando and off to see more clearly in Miami! (July 2015)

Today is Thursday, the 30th of July, 2015.  I returned from a month long trip to the U.S.A. (of North America) last Sunday. It was a very enjoyable trip for me as every year I work with my longtime friends at Harry Klitzner Company of Providence, Rhode Island at the Elk´s Convention, Grand Lodge.  It's a huge affair and every year the convention is in a different city! We are our own very specialized road show. This year thousands of Elk´s visited Indianapolis, Indiana. Last year New Orleans and next year Houston, Texas!   I love going to the convention and I love working in the enormous convention booth of the 100+ year old Harry Klitzner Company with our team of product development experts, cashiers and salesmakers extraordinare..  H.K. designs and makes jewelry (costume and fine), elaborate custom pins, fashion accessories, embrodered apparel, fun t-shirts, stationery and car accessories for the Elks with Elk personalized custom designs.  

My duties include greeting the extra FRIENDLY Elks and the hundreds of Exalted Rulers, Officers, State Deputies and National Officers year after year. I also help them select some of our upscale fine watches, neckware and custom medallions.  

We have an ongoing and large clientèle 

I have been working the Elk's convention since my retirement which is now TEN YEARS ago.  It's fun and gives me at least one annual visit to my homeland. I often greet the same people each year from Elks lodges nationwide - Puerto Rico, Hawaii and beyond!  I've made many friends. The Elks, both male and female these years, are a very happy crowd and they do great service work in each of their individual communities, districts and states. Somehow these successful Elks members work together, continue meeting together, build membership together and they HELP OTHERS and HAVE FUN too (and they do, trust me).

One week in Indianapolis and our team finished with a grand and delicious dinner celebration! Compliments of Dean and Jill Klitzner and company.  

Thank you!

Onward I traveled to Orlando and I enjoyed a delightful visit, our annual get-together for two decades, after meeting one another originally when Kelsie Reed was assigned to the U.S. Embassy/Guatemala City.  It was wonderful fun seeing Kelsie, her son Sam (now a handsome young man) and their friend Ernest. Kelsie is a fabulous hostess and I have the same extra-comfy room in her lovely home every year...her enchanting home is located on one of the beautiful drives around one of the tree-lined lakes near downtown Orlando.

Thank you, Kelsie, you are a joy to be around in every way.

Kelsie, Sam and Leonardo made several visits to the local SPCA to interview/play with their immediately-to-be-ADOPTED DOGGER. They named him Louie and he is two year old (mas o menos) happy stray with wonderful manners!  All muscle, playful, beautiful and a powerful guardian. 

LOUIE/LOUIE is a champ!

Ten days later I went off for a week in Miami  (South Beach) and a comprehensive eye examination by Dr. James Banta at world famous Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.  My eyes  ¨examined¨ very well thanks to earlier surgeries at Vision Integral (Guatemala City/Zona 9 and los Drs. Hernandez, don Filipe y don Jorge saved my left eye). My California surgery last year saved my right eye (thanks to my niece, Jennifer Fisher, for finding a wonderful=brilliant=extra-capabable surgeon in Dr. Robert Wendel for me...fast). 

A special thanks to Elizabeth Bell for her Southernmost hospitality and friendship.

Now I return you to my regularly scheduled reminiscing aka ¨The Otherside of the Volcano¨...it's amazing (really) that I am still alive, about to be 72 years old and living so fully, happily and I enjoy most days that are filled with delight and adventure at the foot of the Volcan de Fuego, Sacatepequez, Guatemala! 

Gracias a Dios and to all of you.  I send you my love.

Pray for rain (or do a little rain dance in our honor)!


to be continued