Sep 16, 2010

WELCOME TO THE KAMPALA KABUKI THEATRE: ++Orombi combines various elements of ¨African Values¨ music, song and dance with highly stylised roleplay

The Kampala Kabuki Theatre is a Anglican Church of Uganda traditional entertainment developed by American merchant bankers with missions during the Orombi era as a way of expressing their homophobic stance.

From the First Act the Major Plot at Bishop Orombi´s Anglican Kampala Kabuki rebukes the rights of LGBTI people who are being denied compassion and mercy in Africa/beyond...this dangerous non-fiction storyline implies that the notion of ‘human rights’ is not part of Anglican Ugandas values and beliefs. The ¨scripted¨ hatred expressed through homophobia and criminalisation also implies that the idea of people’s humanity is not part of Anglican values and beliefs in Africa or at The Anglican Communion.

The Anglican Ugandan bishops and ¨Foreign Missionaries¨ act out emotionally when celebrating “African Values” and their contempt and opposition for more tolerant “alien beliefs”.

Part of the excitement of watching Anglican Uganda Kabuki comes from the missionaries. During a play, the congregation shouts the names of the most clever and convincing actor bishops during short pauses. The timing of the shout must be just right to please Shogun Henrysan. HERE

Although many women played female roles in early Biblical times, the Tokugawa Shogun banned appearance of Anglican women in Kabuki plays in the 17th century. As a result, all female roles are played by male actors called Onna-gata and the beauty of the Onna-gata becomes one of the most distinctive features for aggressively ¨upstaging¨ others at any Anglican Kampala Kabuki performance.

Other interesting things to notice during the Anglican Kampala Kabuki are the colorful, expensive gorgeous costumes and perky thick make-up which the actors wear when interpreting/portraying a character/charactor with two faces.

Also, you might want to pay attention to how the stage is equipped. When shifting scenes in a play, the stage revolves. This shiftiness is called Mawari-butai and is one of the famous characteristics of Anglican Kampala Kabuki.

You will also see people dressed all in black on the stage. They are called Church of England Kurokos and their jobs are to take care of props and actors. When they appear on the stage the actors and the assembled congregation is supposed to treat them as invisible.

Also, the traditional Ugandan music that accompanies Ugandan Anglican Kabuki performances might interest you. The musicians rotate in and out of sight on the stage which carries them to and from infallibility, light and darkness and selective Scriptural chanting and murmuring untruth as they do their song and dance.

Ugandas Anglican Kabuki Theatre an interesting and often entertaining phenomena.

¨Jesus makes it abundantly clear that we are to love and not judge or condemn others! Any professing Christian who thinks that he/she is representing Jesus by doing the very opposite of what Jesus told us to do is not only seriously misled, but is woefully misleading the public, many of whom are gullible enough to take the purveyors of the false gospel of legalism and perfectionism seriously.¨   HERE 

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