Sep 28, 2010

Dr. Rowan Williams: How many ¨Beloved¨ need be persecuted/bullied/murdered before you speak out against the demonizing of the ¨marginalized¨ at The Anglican Communion?

DR. WILLIAMS:  Please stop engaging with others in protectionist codependent policies while turning your back on the dangerous everyday reality of the bigoted bile preached at The Anglican Communion.

The Global South destructionists, grandstanders and thieves are generating fear, hate and crime at The Anglican Communion everyday...we all know it.  Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury,  you seem disinterested/disengaged from that dangerous worldwide-Anglican reality as you lecture us on and on about some kind of much hoped for fictious Selective Scriptual lofty ethic that only exists in a vacuum along with your avoidance, selective/imagined tolerance for others, on-going denial and cowardly protectionist pretend.  

Please, snap out of it and avoid the lofty thinking as REAL Anglicans are being marginalized, abused, persecuted and snuffed out as you portray ¨first amongst equals¨  and ¨patient listener¨ at The Anglican Communion. 

You, Rowan Williams, ABC,  have for far too long refused to look at the authentic outcomes that have resulted in crimes of hate because of  the demonizing and poison dispersed,  then acted upon, against LGBT Anglican/others at Church.  Increasingly lethal-preaching is perpetuated by Anglican bishops/others who exhibit bad-character-run-riot and criminal notions that are not-so-disguised as self-righteousness Christian missionary outreach.   Enough. No more lies and religious-like deceit that often attempts to cover for raw power grabs of greedy adventurists abroad (while ignoring vile and deadly chronic problems of desperation in their Anglican Provinces at home)!

Criminal and unholy preaching/teachings put forward  by spiritually unfit Global South/Gafconning bishops at The Anglican Communion must be exposed before tens of thousands of innocents suffer further from religious persectuion. It´s time for the ¨instruments¨ to stop being irresponsible and´s time for FULL accountability at The Body of Christ even if it´s just a warning to help censor wrong-doing.  It´s time to say NO to criminal behavior inside the Anglican Communion.

Attention: Archbishop of Canterbury, The Primates Meeting , The Lambeth Conference, The Standing Committee of the ACC. 

We need ¨moral authority¨  based on justice, truth and wholesome love and respect for all other human beings.. ALL OF YOU ought be immediately addressing the REAL plague/epidemic of bullying, exploiting and abusing of Heterosexual women and  LGBT children and adults running out of control at The Anglican Communion.  It is time to stop pampering spiritual criminals by codependently trying to co-exist silently not rock-the-boat with dangerous extremist/theiving powermad bishops in the Americas, in Africa, in Asia.  Bishops who tell blatant lies and harm others at Church.  It´s time to say no to bigshotism, grandstanding, outcasting, thieving and deceit (self and other)

Anglicans/Christians are being spiritually/physically attacked daily in Jamaica, in Uganda, in Nigeria, in Iraq/Egypt/Iran,  in India, in Texas, in Rwanda and even in England as I write to you.  I beseech you to take action immediately and recognize, point-out and use your influence to stop the lies and abuse currently ignored at The Anglican Communion as difference=fear and hate is promoted by extremists amongst us! 

Everyday crimes of bullying, sexual exploitation, physical/emotional harm and even murder are  instigated by unfit spiritual leadership at Church.  We know the ugly record and the horror realized during Christian pogroms against innocents through the ages HERE...stop the twisted beliving today at The Anglican Communion before more Anglicans are hurt by reckless clergymen (and they are mostly egodriven greedy men).  Will you continue to believe that you have no LGBT Anglican blood on your hands or will you clean up your own personal integrity by facing reality and facing the gross abusive actions at the Body of Christ?

Lord, hear my prayer
Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, ¨Gay and Lesbian people are just fine?¨
UPDATE:  Integrity Leader Challenges Archbishop:  ¨Enough, Double Talk¨

A September 25th article in The Times quotes Archbishop Rowan Williams as saying, "[T]here's no problem about a gay person who's a bishop. It's about the fact that there are traditionally, historically, standards that the clergy are expected to observe." According to the Archbishop, gay and lesbian people are just fine – but unless they abstain from sex with members of their own sex, they should not be bishops.The Archbishop goes on to say that "The question about gay people is not about their dignity or the respect they deserve as gay people, it's a question about a particular choice of life, a partnership, and what the church has to say about that.” HERE

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