Sep 24, 2010

ANGLICAN ARCHBISHOP CHEW: LGBT Christians/others suffer massive injustices as you plot with Anglican Global South ¨destructionists/schismatics¨ in Africa!

Anglican Schismatic/Destructionist Dr John Chew,  anti-LGBT demonizer/excluder/dangerous religious extremist, Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in Southeast Asia and Bishop of Singapore.
Friday, 24 September 2010

In Asia and the Pacific Islands, LGBT suffer massive injustices

¨...As an Asian, it is frustrating to listen to those who are supposed to be looking out for our human rights treat LGBT people as if we are second-class citizens or, as some would have it, non-existent citizens. To say that society is not ready to accept sexual and gender diversity and to reject decriminalization and inclusion of LGBT people because it against Asian cultural or religious values echoes the rhetoric that these same institutions used when they were asked to protect women’s right to equality, and the right of women to be defenders of their human rights, and be entitled to state protection from violence and discrimination. As for dismissing violations against LGBT people in favor of dealing with poverty, this ranking of rights and human rights violations contradicts the human rights principle of indivisibility, interdependence and inter-relatedness of rights. It amounts to saying that LGBT people should have to pay a price for their non-conformity and be told that that they have no legitimate claim to the rights that other people have because they are somehow responsible for the inequalities they face. Across the age span, many LBGT youth and LGBT elders experience poverty. The inequalities they face when they are poor intersect with the inequalities they face because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Race, caste, ethnicity “increase the layers of discrimination...¨ please read all the facts          HERE

+Akinola/Nigeria and +Chew/S.W. Asia plot  ¨break up¨ of the Anglican Communion
¨The process that will end in the Anglican Church splitting up has begun with the Canterbury - the headquarters of the church - disengaging itself from Africa, Asia and Australia.

African Anglicans are reportedly taking a lead role by mobilising their colleagues in Asia, South America and Australia to come together under the Global South umbrella.

Sources at the August 23-29 2nd All Africa Bishops Conference in Entebbe, Uganda told The EastAfrican that key consultations on the schism were held at the sidelines of the main meeting and would be concluded after engaging members from Asia, South America and Australiad.

The push for a split follows the collapse of reconciliatory talks between Archbishop Williams Rowan of Canterbury and the liberal church leaders in the United States and Canada after the latter snubbed pleas to disown homosexuality.

“We have met several times (during the Kampala conference) and as Africans we shall meet our colleagues with a similar belief before we break up. The Rt Rev Dr John Chew Hiang Chea, the Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in South-east Asia, has chaired the meetings HERE

The Plualist Speaks
Friday, 24 September 2010
Bishop Akinola/Nigeria and others practice a Christian Form of ¨village witchcraft¨
Changing Attitude HERE  points out a danger of one mirror-imperialistic attitude to reasonable religion coming from Africa, that nonsense of a faith once delivered to the saints (as if by some godly postman in one envelope) being sent back to we the objects of their mission. Indeed it is one threat, which is why a Covenant for Anglicanism that somehow amalgams that form of religion with Western developed religion won't work.

To my mind what makes this a threat is not that they believe in some fervent and overbearing manner, but that there is a presumption of superstition built in, that miracles are happening, that the text is all about them and links Africa to Israel (and all that). Some of these Africans are visible now on satellite TV stations, who rant and rave about people getting better, as if such can happen from a TV screen. It is no surprise to me that in some churches children might be regarded as having demons inside them with some pastor scaring the shit out of them by practising their Christian form of village witchcraft in London. Some of these authoritarian Anglican leaders are but a gnat's kneecap from such belief, indeed they preside over such belief in villages. In that there may be a reformation in the towns and cities, it often translates into the worst kind of fundamentalism, and then attracts in right wing American it all HERE

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