Sep 18, 2010

ACNA´s DONALD ARMSTRONG: You have to pick a pocket or two --schismatic Anglican Artful Dodger* pleads ¨no contest¨

removed Episcopal Church priest Donald Armstrong,  formerly of Grace and St. Stephens Church, Colorado Springs  now a priest of  St. Georges Anglican Church in North America/CANA  
Don Armstrong Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Church Theft

anti- Gay Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Nigeria, CANA  retired
“ACNA is the anti-Gay, schismatic Anglican Church of North America, which was originally a product of the Anglican Church of Nigeria/CANA and its former archbishop Peter Akinola.

Martyn Minns is the former rector of the breakaway Falls Church in Virginia  (correction, Minns was former rector of breakaway Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia -L.R.) he’s now a bishop in the ACNA/CANA.

deposed Episcopal Church Bishop of Pittsburgh, Bob Duncan,  now Archbishop of the schismatics ACNA
None of the prominent commentators in ACNA  (Anglican Church in North America) Land has anything to say so far about Armstrong’s copping a plea to the theft charges. Viagraville is silent; Baby Blue, George Conger and the other anti-Gay schismatic cheerleaders have put away their pompoms for the weekend.

But let the record show: The Episcopal Church was right all along. The man is a thief and a liar.

Money’s just money, but leading sheep astray is a sin.

Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family, Ted Haggard, the indoctrinating machine at the U.S. Air Force Academy and unconstitutional Amendment 2, remains the belly of the Beast foretold in St. John’s Revelation.. HERE

*The nickname "Artful Dodger" commonly used to refer to someone who is good at avoiding responsibility or the consequences of his actions.

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Josh Thomas said...

And to think, Ron Moody was such a charming pickpocket in "Oliver."

Folks do like their spoonful of sugar, don't they. When the holy man also speaks in tongues, the wallets and purses all but arrange themselves for his selection.

Ol' Donnie's charismatic, all right; what's now his "gift" used to be someone's bank account.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Josh, I keep coming back to this whole schismatic ¨purity¨ caper and thinking how stupidly dangerous these grandstanding theives and not-so-funny jokers are...smartly stupid and obsessed self-seeking funders of fundies who would finance and promote such dirty/creepy sinful behavior at Church in the name of a God whose commandment(s) that we love one another. Some love, few are safe from this lynchmob for Christ.

It´s true, joined together with the disgraced Mormon anti-Gay spousecleaners, pedophile holy-cover-uppers, double dealing sexually devious preachers and then the African Global South bigshots CHRISTIANITY is giving itself a very BAD NAME! Africanos who brag of superior morals abroad while exporting hate, fear, bigotry and ignoring child witchburnings, sex slavery, civil war and vertical corruption at home give irresponsible personal behavior and all-around shame all new depth of meaning!

The whole crop of greedy/over-wound/over-baked guiltdriven zealts are drinking deeply of the self-deceit they´ve been formenting at The Body of Christ and beyond.

Finally, finally I think it´s ALMOST the time when all will see the everyday illusion of fear/hate and greed pretending to be virtue.

Lord, hear my prayer

Josh Thomas said...

I wonder if they'll ever be revealed, until the Last Days.

It's strange, I confess, that the Gospel that seems fairly clear to me seems so murky to others, that they need a witch-doctor/priest to tell them what it all means.

This isn't because I'm so bright or holy, but because I deal with the Scriptures every day; after six years of twice a day x 365, something was bound to get through this thick head.

The entire Bible speaks of extending Good News beyond the chosen/righteous ones - and warns them, they don't get it. If I had to pick out the "Gay passages" in the Scriptures I'd ask, "How many thousands would you like?"

Tuesday is the feast of St. Matthew - Levi, the tax collector, traitor and Roman collaborator; the thief. Jesus said, "Follow me," and he did; left his little tollbooth and started walking Jesus's way. Matt then went on to cause all manner of scandal; "Why are you eating with tax collectors and sinners?" Jesus paid a big price for letting Matthew become part of his entourage. The Pharisees never forgave them for it.

To me that's just one of the "Gay" passages - without claiming either Jesus or Matt was a friend of Dorothy. There's no need to; Jesus welcomed all the sinners - and we're either first or last in that lineup.

What gives me hope is all the other sinners (most of them Straight) who identify with Matt, and know what Jesus did for him.

Meanwhile there's this whole industry of "righteous" people who kinda get things half-right, while excluding the current scapegoats and making themselves rich, powerful (and occasionally convicted) for their much speaking.

I seldom cite the end times, and doubt they'll occur while I'm still alive, but the Revelation is still a mighty source of hope when we're about to despair; the truth will get revealed eventually. And the Mark of the Beast will show up on the foreheads of those who are loudest to proclaim their faithfulness, while Larry Craig tap-tap-taps in a bathroom in Minneapolis.

Take heart, bro; you're the new Matthew, and no matter how much scandal you cause, Jesus calls you with him and will never desert you.

That is Good News.