Sep 13, 2010

ON THE STREET WHERE I LIVE: The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, San Miguel the Archangel, Part 2

¨In the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, Michael is described as the prince of light, leading forces of God against the darkness of evil, who is led by Belial. He is described as the "viceroy of heaven", a title that is said to have formerly belonged to Satan¨. HERE

Every day during the month of September, in my little village in Central America, San Miguel the Archangel, our patron, is venerated for his past and ongoing victories, his miracles and actions over the darkness of evil! Yesterday afternoon, San Miguel was escorted by a crowded procession and marching band from the Colonial era church on the plaza to a very modest home just down the street from me. In my village it is a custom for San Miguel, the Archangel, to make his way to a different private home every night. Each day, everyday this month, San Miguel will be escorted to a new home at the opposite side of the village from where he spent the night before. It is a full honor (the visiting homes are announced months in advance) to have San Miguel visit ones home and there is a huge party and open house to rejoice his presence and wonders of his legend and positive influence in our everyday lives. Elaborate fireworks and firecrakers go off all night long and there is a covered patio that extends into the street (and tables and chairs)´s truly a feast with tamales and fruit punch (spiked) and served to hundreds of guests (the party is by neighborhood invitation but open to all in reality) fills the night, all night, and dancing in the street is especially joyous in our little town...the many realities of the Gifts of God are once more illuminated with bursting ¨light¨ and the genuine gratitude, feasting and secure feelings and joy that ALL is meant to be is celebrated with real passion. Hope and good-will are thick around us. Clearly a matter of TRUSTING in God and celebrating his Archangel San Miguel all through the night.

About one half hour ago, the municipal band paraded down the street and notable citizens arrived to escort/high carry San Miguel onward to the otherside of town where all will celebrate the miracles of good over bad--one more night, one more night is said in this town that San Miguel won´t move without being accompanied by incense, music and eager, festive and hospitable/generous followers.

· Thanks be to God
· Thanks be to San Miguel, Archangel
· Thanks be to Wikipedia
· Thanks to the Village of San Miguel


Bonnie said...

And may God send all his holy angles with love and tender mercies to guide and guard you and your Juan Carlos.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Bonnie, Juan Carlos is doing so well with his English school and seems there is a great deal of happiness flowing in and around our lives...thanks be to God and his angels...hope you are doing well, I love seeing you here and at other places.

Love to you and yours,

poppy tupper said...

why don't you let people follow your blog? or am i just missing the button? xx

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Poppy tupper, please scroll up as there is a information band (black) above the ERUPTIONS AT THE FOOT OF THE VOLCANO (blog hedder)...on the left side is a button that says ¨follow¨...that´s the place and thank you for joining us here at the foot of the volcano (active).

Leonardo Ricardo

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Thanks. My grief counselor says I'm doing better but....

Occasionally I'll find the energy to make a comment but can't seem to garner enough energy to keep a conversation going.

On the up side we now have 3 out couples at our church and the roof hasn't caved in. I think a few folks went off screaming into the night but I don't have the energy to find out if that's true or just my perception.

Be well and hugs to you both.

it's margaret said...

Oh what fun! Have a tamale for me, please!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bonnie, as we say in a secret society (that I was forced to join because of liquid/overflowing tenacity)...easy does´s true, I too experienced a deep personal loss and all I could do was to take one step in front of the other...that was it, onward I trudged for a few years... furthermore, I had no idea that my grieving would go on for sooo long...I felt better/stronger but *it* hadn´t gone away. I did my best, as you seem to be doing by reaching out for help, and that is a wonderful and hopeful sign as there is much wonder still left to behold and I think you too will emerge from bleakland and it will be as quick as a blink when I opened my eyes one morning...miracles come even when I´m not pleading to receive one.

I send you a big, gentle abrazo and wish I were closer by to assure you the seemingly endless sadness will, in fact, fade away.

Lord, hear my prayer for dear Bonnie

Bonnie said...

Thank you Leonardo.