Sep 3, 2010

THE NEW KENYA: ¨There is no rich or poor, man or woman, tall or short, homosexual or heterosexual¨

As Archbishop Eliud Wabukala and his brother ANGLICAN BISHOPS were in UGANDA--demeaning LGBT CHRISTIANS--he/they LOST THE TRUST of the ¨NEW¨ KENYANS! HERE

¨On August 4, 2010, Kenyans voted on a new Constitution that heralded a new beginning for Kenya. After more than 20 years of painstakingly struggle, disappointments and many other obstacles, Kenyans were able to experience the joy and satisfaction of getting a new Constitution. The gay community in Kenya, encompassing lesbians, transgender, bisexuals, intersex and gay men, voting as Kenyans, were part of this historic process. Putting aside any selfish motives and pushed on by a sense of patriotism and urgency to experience freedom, they voted in a new dispensation that they hope will make a better Kenya for every single individual, including them.¨


¨The gay community is of myriad of different personalities with competent skills, overwhelming expertise and inexhaustible potential. Coupled with education and availability of resources, the gay community has significantly contributed to the growth of Kenya and they can do much more if given the invitation and space. In subtle yet concrete ways they have worked, dug trenches, wrote with chalk, sawed dressed, made laws, shared and ate with the rest of Kenyans. It is a community that does not ask for any special treatment or be treated a class above the rest. Recognizing our roots as Kenyans first, we seek the greater good of our sisters and brothers; but as a team, together. Once this Constitution is signed, we usher in a Nation that respects the rights of everyone and where each individual lives free and safe...

When it comes to Kenya, we leave aside any special character or grade and we seek a common interest which is Kenya. By indentifying as one people, both heterosexual and homosexual can indeed do a lot of things that will make Kenya better and brighter. In closing, we quote these famous words – ‘There comes a time when the nation is more important than an individual.’ Indeed August 27th is that time. There is no rich or poor, man or woman, tall or short, rich or poor, homosexual or heterosexual but on August 27th we are all a nation, a people.¨ HERE


Kenya’s president Mwai Kibaki and prime minister Raila Odinga praised and thanked Kenyans for approving the new constitution saying that it signaled a new beginning for Kenya..¨ HERE

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