Sep 17, 2010

BEWARE of ANGLICAN GLOBAL SOUTH DEMONISTS: ¨No one ought feel condemned by the ignorant and/or hateful homophobic rhetoric that emanates from the lips of many clergy...

and/or professing "Christians" who erroneously claim to speak for God.¨

Does Anglican Archbishop Akinola/Nigeria (retired) and Anglican Archbishop Chew/ Singapore speak for God?
Does Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda ¨possess moral authority?¨¨

¨Unfortunately, those who pervert Scripture and the Gospel, those who deny the full and final Sacrifice that Jesus made to cover over all of our sins, are those who spit in the very face of God and seek to impose their false and perverted gospel onto others, falsely taking on the role of being possessors of moral authority; an authority that they do not deserve and which must be given no credibility.

Did Anglican Archbishop  Emmanuel Kolini/Rwanda  ¨cause untold suffering?¨
Needless to say that these perverts have done enormous harm, and caused untold suffering, to so many of God's LGBT children!

Did Anglican GAFCON ¨excluders¨ plot with ¨urgency and sincerity¨ in Singapore?
Don't be fooled by the seeming urgency and sincerity of their message that they often profess with an air of oracular authority; a message for which many are quite handsomely rewarded materially and/or psychologically and/or socially and/or politically.
Do all Global South/Gafcon Anglican Bishops understand ¨eternal reconciliation with God?¨
The Gospel of Christ is so simple that even a child can understand it: You have been saved, through the grace of God, from the wrath of a righteous and just God by the sacrifice of God's Son, and by having faith in Christ's teachings and Sacrifice for your redemption and for your eternal reconciliation with God.HERE

Does Anglican Presiding Bishop Greg Venables/Southern Cone understand the ¨Gospel is for ALL of God´s Children?¨

That's the Gospel, and it is the Gospel for all of God's children, be they Gay, Straight, Bisexual, or Transgender!

Is deposed TEC Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh ¨trying to win God´s approval¨ by excluding LGBT Christians from all levels of religious life?
You and I have been saved by the Sacrifice of Jesus; there is nothing we can do to win God's approval, as God already approves of us due to the Sacrifice of Jesus. All we have to do is to plug into God's grace by having faith in Jesus' Sacrifice that covers over all of our sins.

That is why the Gospel is called "Good News!" After all, if we have to obey all sorts of rules, regulations, doctrines, etc., what's the good news in that?
Anglican HERO Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and communicator of authentic GOOD NEWS!
¨...I could not myself keep quiet whilst people were being penalized for something about which they could do nothing, their sexuality...¨ HERE

Communicating this message has been one of my major goals, and I just hope that this message gets through so that no one feels condemned by the ignorant and/or hateful homophobic rhetoric that emanates from the lips of all too many clergy and other professing "Christians" who erroneously claim to speak for God.¨ --The Reverend Dr. Jerry Maneker,  HERE

Do Global South Anglican Bishops insist on instigating fear, hate, demonizing and crime in Africa and beyond?
Many ill-informed Christians and others instigate fear and hate crimes against their very own LGBT children, brothers/sisters, coworkers and friends (both inside and outside of Church)...Trust God and God´s Grace, be responsible/courageous and let the fear, hate and shame fall-away as trying to ¨control¨  and ¨change¨  and/or ¨exterminate¨ LGBTI people is a deadly sin against God and nature.
Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Uganda,  Anglican Hero, Peacemaker
Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo who was a member of the Inclusive Church team at the Lambeth Conference in 2008 has just completed a speaking tour in Ireland following an extensive tour of the USA. In Ireland, he condemned what he described as the "draconian" Anti-Homosexuality Bill in his native Uganda. He said, "we should follow the good example of Ireland where you have been successful in seeking and affecting reconciliation."

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Doorman-Priest said...

Does Anglican Archbishop Akinola/Nigeria (retired) and Anglican Archbishop Chew/ Singapore speak for God?

Clearly not. "By their works you shall know them."