May 21, 2011

THE DEPARTMENT OF ´SAY WHAT´? President Museveni/Uganda welcomes ¨Chinese Leader¨ Anglican Bishop John Chew/Singapore (not China) and praises him and Mao tse Tung for contributions ¨against Imperialists¨

Chineese ¨leader¨ Chairman Mao tse Tung
¨PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has hailed the Chinese people under the leadership of Mao tse Tung for their contribution to Africa’s independence struggle.¨

President Museveni, Uganda
¨In a meeting with a delegation of Chinese religious leaders that met him at State House, Entebbe early this week, Museveni said the Chinese government provided material assistance to Africans who were fighting against imperialists.

The Peoples Republic of China (China)
He commended the Chinese people for championing African development efforts in the 1960s and paid special tribute to Mao tse Tung.

QUESTION: Is President Museveni pandering to mainland Chinese leaders (none present) by honoring Mao tse Tung while accompanied by the vistors from Singapore?  Meanwhile, is President Museveni trying to introduce and validate Anglican/GAFCON Archbishop Chew/Singapore (not China)  as a China/Africa insider/friend for possible future anti-LGBT Evangelizing in China (The Anglican Province of Hong Kong would seem the spiritually healthier, emotionally better balanced, less extremist and a more natural growth choice when expanding Anglicanism into the Chinese mainland)?  Leonardo Ricardo

Museveni said Mao tse Tung was not a Christian, but loved humanity and moral virtues.

Anglican Archbishop John Chew/Singapore (not China)
Archbishop John Chew of Singapore (not China) led the ¨Chinese Delegation¨
The Republic of Singapore (not China)
The Archbishop of Singapore, the Most Rev. John Chew who lead the visiting delegation, said his team was in Uganda to analyse the economic, social and spiritual welfare of the Church in Africa and the continent’s development in relation to the Chinese situation.

Bishop Orombi ¨accompanied¨ the not-China, ¨Chinese delegation¨
Anti-LGBT Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda ¨accompanied the delegation¨ to the State House.

The visitors were accompanied to State House by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi. HERE

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