Jul 31, 2008

Meet Judy and Gene: Come for a VISIT to The Land of the Eternal Spring

Dear Friends,

There are many NGO's (non-governmental organizations) working non-stop, everyday in Central America. Many of my friends donate their time and positive energies to help enrich the lives of others through these NGO organizations which are often the most effective voices for the concerns of ordinary people in the international arena. NGOs include the most outspoken advocates of human rights, the environment, social/health programs, family planning, women's rights, libraries/learning centers and more:


Many people I know are striving to be of service to those who often live in REAL situations of daily desperation and need. Outside ideas, experience and various forms of appropriate HELP convert desperation into enthusiasm for living. Help generates HOPE and then generates actual, hands on, working/learning opportunities that healthfully transform formerly bleak family lives into homes bursting with fresh energy/courage and a focused desire to realize everyones well-being...usually gainful employment, peace-of-mind and greater security follow rather quickly...few are lazy here and the everyday hard workers are willing and ready to "step up" to fresh opportunities/challenges as the visions for better "living" unfold before their eyes!

My friend Judy and her husband Gene wanted to help people...they sailed into Guatemala on their ship, tied up, dropped anchor and decided to go ashore...everything changed when they met Guatemala, her people and the loveliness of the country...they built a home in Antigua and decided, as retired professional people often do, to "get involved"...become "part of" the world around them, to lend a helping hand...no observing from overstuffed chairs for Judy and Gene as they invited folks to attend a first Community Forum...a forum to share information on NGO "being of service" programs in action that HELP other human beings...the Community Forum became The Antigua Network and I've invited Judy to tell you about it:

The Antigua Network is experiencing exciting times! We, a creative and healthy-spirited group of mostly retired people, are creating a web connection among the NGO's in Guatemala! We have enthusiastic members actively helping out everyday in Sacatapequez/Guatemala/Solola/Quiche/beyond and sponsoring get-togethers of NGO's to help each other help others...at these brain picking/storming meetings we share information and have developed a culture of working in a country that is far different from our own...in addition, the most prominent English publication in Antigua is planning an upcoming issue focusing on NGO's thanks to our in depth coordinating focus on the individual groups and exactly WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO...and how we can best HELP one another HELP others.

My husband, Gene, and I would like to think that when we arranged the first Community Forum and it then became this vital Antigua Network group...we are really glad we started something HELPFUL in this community...not only helpful for making life "easier" when plowing through local "red tape" but helpful by adding living links of experience for promoting the enhancement of life here in Central America!

The purpose of our gatherings are continously unfolding before us...but, always, every meeting, we have a better understanding of our various goals, cooperation/information sharing and synergy amongst those who work so hard to improve the health, education, infrastructure and finances of the poor is the thrust of The Antigua Network.

WE want the world to know that those with "needs" in Guatemala, Central America can be helped if we volunteer time, make some donations/invest with micro-loans and share REAL LIFE work/learning experience. When NGO organizations and volunteers work together we become more efficient providers and have greater success. We bring positive change faster to the communities in which we work. Everyone benefits!

It is a joy to be retired here as we discover healthy ways to be of service and share in the blossoming of lives and families around us! We recommend it to you. Come down and visit and explore Guatemala, "The Land of Eternal Spring"...bring your one-of-a-kind, authentic, first-person, living/learning experiences and share them with us...we look forward to meeting you

Judy can be reached by contacting me, leonardoricardosanto@gmail.com (I'll forward your note) or comment right here at the blog.

Photo of Judy in my garden taken by Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Now we're talkin'.

Cany said...

Walkin the talk! There ya go!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I hope this works this time. My blogger id seems to be messed up.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful friends and their work with us.

Mike in Texas said...

Beautiful friends, beautiful garden.

fs said...

Judy and Gene are an inspiration. You have the coolest friends, Leonardo.