Jul 21, 2008

"On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” *

Yesterday, Sunday. a Holy Eucharist was held/offered on the lawn near Canterbury Cathedral in England...it was unfortunately not especially well attended by Episcopalian and Anglican Bishops who support the full inclusion of LGBT and Heterosexual Female Christians at the Body of Christ and at all levels of Churchlife...true, there are many who have "fear" of "inclusiveness" and the possible recognition of LGBT people and Heterosexual Women as full "fledged" Christians...they often scamper off...they make excuses, or simply prefer to "look the other way" and think of "happier things" as discrimination and persecution of Anglican LGBT people and Women in Africa/beyond continues to be instigated by perpertrators of hate who are also members of The Anglican Communion.

Where was Archbishop Rowan Williams yesterday?

Recently one of the prime excluders/hateleaders in Anglicandom was denyed entry into the Kingdom of Jordan where he had planned to craft more excluding with a demonizing/destructive scheme aimed against fellow Anglicans/Christians and others...he, Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria, and his grim accomplices were forced to "take a powder" and move their little mean gathering elsewhere after Jordanian "authorities" uncovered their troublemaking/dangerous plot to mangle the Anglican Communion from within.


Where was ++Rowan, what did he think, what did he do?

Meanwhile, now, a few weeks after the Jordanian deportation of Gafcon folks, the every-ten-year gathering of Anglican Bishops from throughout the Worldwide Anglican Communion gathers at the University of Kent/Canterbury Cathedral...the official meeting of The Anglican Communion Bishops will hold a three-week, spiritually inspired, confab/retreat on topics that will include "human sexuality"....shudder! A possible Anglican"Covenant" will be another topic so we all might "sign up" and get along with oneanother...shudder, or what? There will also be a few other "experience sharing" sessions aimed at first person topics/troubles as the all Bishops listen to one another, speak frankly about their many dilemmas and try and dig their way out from another difficult period of Anglican agreeing to disagree...well, almost all of the Bishops will listen to one another and their REAL and religious life experience...most all except Bishop V.Gene Robinson from The Episcopal Church who is being punished for "causing problems" at The Anglican Communion...the "problem" is that +Robinson/New Hampshire is openly GAY!

Where is the Bishop of New Hampshire? Where is Bishop V. Gene Robinson? He's nearby. He's on the "fringe" on Anglicanism at The Market Place, keeping a stiff upper lip and representing the millions of LGBT Christians/others who are quite used to sitting on the sidelines of everyday religious life sitting/fasting Churchlife out!

The group of hundreds of Anglican Bishops were encouraged by The Archbishop of Canterbury to "pray with him or her" fellow Bishop with whom "makes us nervous" and "put *it* in the presence of God." A suggestion that Archbishop Rowan doesn't think applies to himself when considering his "nervous" feelings regarding the "troublesome sexual orientation" of Bishop VG Robinson at Episcopal Church/The Body of Christ! Fortunately the "closeted" Gay Bishops don't seem to upset the Archbishop or make him nervous at all!

Archbishop Rowan Williams favors laying low and sometimes playing pretend.

Shortly after +Rowan's challenging address yesterday, most of the 650+ Bishops avoided attending the nearby Eucharist celebration where the outcasted/marginalized, and non-invitee to The Lambeth Conference, Gay Bishop from the Diocese of New Hampshire, VG Robinson, was PRESENT....yikes, eek and/or worse another snub? Everyone knew +Gene would be there in the "presence of God," with everyone else, attending mass.

Where was ++Rowan, was their a "presence of God" opportunity missed?

Where were the Anglican Bishops who "fear" Bishop Gene Robinson? Nobody seems ready to "face their demons" and sort their "nerveousness" out!


Where was Rowan during that potential "grace-filled" moment that would have honored, and given hope to millions of LGBT Anglicans/Christians and the marginalized people worldwide? A grace-filled and kindly/unofficial visit from ++Rowan at mass yesterday would have made worldwide headlines...headlines of the religious "loving" and "kissing the leper" right kind.

Archbishop Rowan shunned Bishop V.G. Robinson instead.

When will Bishop Rowan and many of the Anglican Bishops face and fully understand there are millions of LGBT people and Heterosexual women who are being ABUSED, marginalized, excluded and ill treated/persecuted worldwide everyday ? When will all the Anglican Bishops realize that even most RELIGIOUS everyday laity people don't approve of the fear/hate-mongoring and excluding directed toward "the marginalized" anymore?


What is Dr. Rowan Williams responsiblity in all of this religious "abominating" mischief?

Ought +Rowan be spearheading a Lambeth Conference that examines then activey promotes a Anglican Covenant based solely upon the basic two commandments which "hang all the Law and the Prophets?”

*Matthew 22: 36-40

36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?”

37 Jesus said to him, “ ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

What are ++Rowans thoughts on #37, #39 and #40?

Where are the basic and LIFE PROMOTING and loving basic words, actions and suggestions turning toward deeds that ought come out of +Rowans Lambeth Conference 2008? What words and actions of "reaching out" ought shape aggressive Anglican thinking/beliving in a unhealthy and murderous/thieving world? A world made up of many Christians/others who are actively participating in ethnic/clensing/civil wars and massacres? Greediness/sexual exploitation/other exploitation of others, pridefilled deceit, irresponsible/destructive aggressive actions against the environment are being committed before us! What is that Rowan and the Anglican Bishops have to suggest other than to preach "loving thy neighbor" and not instigate more difference, exclusion and crime...who will say NO to the encouraging/raging fear and hating that is sometimes promoted by self-righteous religious extremist folks? Who will offer teachings of "inclusion" to the Scripturally selective "religious" destructionists who would meet in the Holy Land and attempt to demonize and demoralize others and attempt to further exclude fellow Christians/others at all levels of Anglian Communion life?



"On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Dr. Rowan, ALL means ALL.

Archibishop Rowan please, as you suggest, "seek out the Bishop you most fear" and put yourself before God and the rest of us openly...no more secret meetings or anti-American snubs...then, only then, move on to other business at your conference...millions of lives depend on your transparent actions of "loving thy neighbor" at The Lambeth Conference and beyond...life ought not be a free-for-all of irresponsible leadership...afterall, you are the "first amongst equals" amongst the Bishops with who you "break bread" today.


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Great post. Riazat Butt had a couple of interesting things to say about ++Rowan in an article yesterday.


Bonnie said...

Leonardo--OT. Did you check out the lastest post on the Three Legged Stool today?

Those "not to be named" sites are going to be gnashing their teeth and weeping and a wailing.

You can get the link to the site at Friends of Jake. Sorry, meant to copy it off for you.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Bonnie, I just saw the NEWS about Jake...er, Fr. Terry...love it...as I said over at his new Blog, I can stop with the wearing of black...good, it's too damn hot!