Jul 24, 2008

Just a Note to say they don't LOVE you...from the Bottom of their Hearts

I'm certain you've noticed at the Anglican communion that some of the less-loving, and fully fear/hate-mongering, of the "LOVE thy neighbor" crowd of dangerous (to their own and other peoples spiritual/physical health) priests are represented by fitfilled/fistfulls of deceitful Anglican Bishops from the Global South...Uganda, Sudan and Nigera, and a couple of meanspirited/whining Norte Americanos make up this little gang of leaders for the religious extremists...some are currently attempting to stage a prearranged distraction by demanding a "clensing" hate campaign and/or new province against the inclusion of LGBT people and Heterosexual Women (selectively) at all levels of Churchlife at The Lambeth Conference/Canterbury Cathedral, England. Read about it here at Preludium, thanks to you Canon Mark Harris:



fs said...

It's almost sad; they seem both malevolent and pathetic at the same time.

Lord have mercy -- we should pray for their souls.

Bonnie said...

One can not actually believe they love the Lord their God either. What this gives us is a window on what we have been supporting. I think we should turn our backs on them. To follow these nits is spiritual suicide.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Spiritual suicide...wow, Bonnie I think that is what all the extremists/destructionists are indulging in...they can't stop themselves from the addiction of listening to the sound of their own fear/hatedriven voices...those that are the more subtle few in their group, indeed few, are cowardly accomplices and/or facilitators of these emotionally distured religious tangents of excluding, marginalizing of other Christians/others...were talking disease here of the spiritual demetia kind.