Jul 29, 2008

Multiple Choice: A Final Solution, Pastoral Answer, Discrimination, Religious Persecution, Cowardly Blundering, Spite or Bad JOKE?

COMMUNION BREAKING bumbling, stumbling, bungling by the ABC: Here you have it....The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, and his "endorsed" version of a "final solution/pastoral answer/disciplinary measures" for those who OPPOSE discrimination, persecution and exclusion of LGBT Christians and Heterosexual Women at all levels of Churchlife within the Anglican Communion.

The discrimination, marginalizing and demonizing of Christians/others continues unchecked as does Dr. Williams chronic codependent behavior and cowardly tendency for "living in denial" about the REAL, on-the-ground, fear/hate-mongering actions and the bold instigating of INJUSTICE at some Provinces within The Anglican Communion...a contaminating spiritual sickness has been running rampant/unchecked amongst bigots in-and-around the worldwide communion for years...meanwhile, back at Lambeth Palace, FEAR/HATE and "excluding" that has been, and IS, preached by Anglican Bishops in Africa/beyond goes ignored...preached from the pulpits of those who would/do generate violent CRIMES, massacres, mass shootings, and promote "difference" everyday throughout the Anglican Communion is IGNORED and apparently silently TOLERATED by ++Rowan:

SOURCE: From The Times

July 26, 2008

HEADLINE: Anglican version of the 'inquisition' proposed to avoid future schism

by: Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent

An Anglican version of the Roman Catholic church's "inquisition" is proposed today in a document seen by The Times.

Bishops are urging the setting up of an Anglican Faith and Order Commission to give "guidance" on controversial issues such as same-sex blessings and gay ordinations.

The commission was put forward as a proposal this week to the 650 bishops attending the Lambeth Conference as a way of preserving the future unity of the Anglican Communion. Insiders compared it with the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the body formerly headed by the present Pope as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and previously known as the Holy Office or Inquisition.

This morning's "observations" document is the second in a series of three. The third will be published next week. The document says: "Anglicans are currently failing to recognise Church in one another."

In a damning passage about the rows exposing the Church to public ridicule, it continues: "We value independence at the expense of interdependence in the Body of Christ. We denigrate the discipleship of others. This has led to internal fragmentation as well as to confusion among our ecumenical partners."

The document continues to propose solutions to restore unity: "We commend the suggestion for the setting up of an Anglican Communion Faith and Order Commission that could give guidance on the ecclesiological issues raised by our current crisis."

The measure is one of several new initiatives being planned described in the document as "vital for strengthening the life of our Communion".

Another project is looking at the place of the Bible in the Church. The document says: "Such projects are urgent and vital if we are to regain a sense of common values and mutual understanding."

The document also describes as "crucially important" for future unity the Anglican Covenant, a new "unity pledge" that provinces will be asked to sign up to. The covenant will be debated in detail next week.

The proposals are a sign of how the Anglican Communion is centralising its authority in an attempt to prevent further schismatic events such as the consecration of a gay bishop.

Although he will resist describing himself as such, the effect of all these measures, if they are successfully implemented, will be to turn the Archbishop of Canterbury into a de facto Anglican Pope.

In a related move, the same group, which includes the former Dean of St Paul's Dr John Moses and the Primate of South East Asia, the Most Rev John Chew, is also working on a "blueprint" of canon law. This, which would be an Anglican equivalent of the Catholic church's Code of Canon Law, is intended to become a fifth "instrument of communion" designed to hold Anglicans together.

The four existing instruments of communion are the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Primates Meeting and the executive body at the centre, the Anglican Consultative Council...."


Cany said...

Leonardo: Is there a box to check for all of the above?

This situation is absolutely untenable.

Deep, deep sorry.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--If ++Rowan thinks this will hold the Anglican Communion together he needs a really big reality check. After the gafCON/foca gauntlet throw down. They intend to take over the communion. His only hope will be dumping them before they dump him.

gafCON/foca has the ring of a new dance step. Altogether now:

Shoot yourself in the right foot now and do the gafCON/foca. Shoot yourself in the left foot next and do the gafCON/foca, and etc. OK. enough silly)

Bonnie said...

P.S.--What happened to your picture? I liked it.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Wait, I was putting my left cheek in and turning my left cheek out when I couldn't remember who I was for or against...just kidding, Bonnie!

Yes, it amazes me how ++Rowan thinks and reacts...he's a stranger to "common sense" I think...either that or he really DOES want to become a Roman Catholic again...sorry buster, we're not going to submit ourselves to the Grand Inquistion/Canterbury Upgrade ambush!

Bonnie said...

Leonardo--It has possibilities. Hilarious!

James said...

We have to remember that we are dealing with an academic. Rowan has never not been in the university system that taught him how to think, reason, and plan.

If we were dealing with a pure academic situation, his "plan" would work. Once calls an academic synod, presents all the sides, everyone votes and academic honesty rules are respected in that all abide by the vote result. End of story.

Rowan cannot see beyond that structure. That's the true pity in all of this.

Leonardo Ricardo said...
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Leonardo Ricardo said...

I keep thinking the ABC is participating in some kind of stylized wishful/woolied thinking and "hand slapping" episode...something about "loving the oppressed" (who happen to be lead by lunatic despostic oppressors who think he's weak) while scolding the nasty queerloving Iraqi war makers (he can't tell one Americano from the other) who live high on the hog (or pig in the UK) with Snicker chasers...I guess you're right, James, it's way over my head...but thank you for explaining...what we need is a great, mean liberal, mudwrester as Archbishop of Canterbury.

fs said...

It looks like a pathetic resort to authoritarian rule, which always conveys a certain weakness and lack of faith. If this is how the Communion is to be held together, then the Communion is indeed broken.

Gertrude Stein's "before the flowers of friendship faded...friendship faded" comes to mind.

Right now, mourning seems more appropriate than anger. After that -- relief?

Lynn said...

Is there some way we can use Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign to good use here? Substitute bigotry in some way?

Let's design a t-shirt. Not purple.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

"It looks like a pathetic resort to authoritarian rule, which always conveys a certain weakness and lack of faith. If this is how the Communion is to be held together, then the Communion is indeed broken." fs

I wish it were only "lack of faith" but it appears the ABC doesn't even intend to address the ghastily bigotry issue that cause on-the-ground harm to fellow Christians, REAL brutal harm and sometimes death...furthermore ++Rowan demeans LGBT at all levels of Churchlife by creating a new catagory or a new class-sinners, who are less-than/more-flawed than heterosexuals when facing self-searching character issues/sin...it is the ABC who will not face his own tendency to validate unacceptable/morally wrong and flawed beliving/receiving and the "ministries" of hate...fear and hate that is generated by some Primates when it comes to loving and welcoming LGBT Christians at The Anglican Communion...even that "violation" of Christian responsibility isn't as spiritually flawed as avoiding, or accepting, the dangerous and ignorant fear/hate-mongering remarks of Akinola and Orombi against LGBT Christians/others in Nigeria and Uganda...it seems ++Rowans ability to be "first amongst equals" is strongly in question...I'm not certain how far down the list of Bishops I'd place him but possibly not that far from the bottom of responsible, straight forward leadership...granted, with more power for behind-the-scene mischiefmanking, a soft voice, but still one with a intellectually twisted IDEAL of basic TRUTH when consider the total of HUMANITY amongst Christians/others.

I think the ABC's "continuing Windsor/new instrument" idea/suprise attack, reflects a very snide, manipulating and punishing side of the Bishop Rowan...more than simply a lack of TRUST in God and deep belief in OUR Faith he has taken it upon himself to force HIS WAY into our religious lives.

The ABC is dangerous to the well-being of The Anglican Communion, and those in it at every level of Provincial Churchlife...++Rowan ought step-down and ponder and learn from his experience...learn to understand HIS very own REAL character and "exclusionistic" beliefs...perhaps then and only then he will open his brain to ACTUAL, on-the-ground, desperation for "loving thy neighbor" in our lives and throughout ALL of mankind.

You can't give it away if you haven't got it.