Jul 28, 2008

Attention: Anglican Bishops at Lambeth Conference/Canterbury... STOP Instigating and Endorsing CRIMES of HATE against Christians/others!

Matthew Shepard
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You remember Matthew Shepard? Matthew was a vital young Episcopalian Gay fellow who was murdered in a grisly HATE crime committed against HUMANITY/NATURE in Laramie, Wyoming several years ago.

Contact his mother, Judy Shepard, for details and about the ongoing campaign against the instigating of crimes of HATE:


It seems it's easy to forget the REALITY of murderous bigotry, exclusion and the every-day-marginalizing/harming and slandering of fellow human beings that often is generated by the-not-so "Good News" of irresponsible clergymen.

You know them, you've heard them, as they preach/rationalize and demonize against LGBT/others and attempt to marginalize and outcast/demean fellow human beings at all levels of Churchlife.

Currently the Archbishop of Akinola/Nigeria, Orombi/Uganda, Bul/Sudan, Kenya and others at The Anglcian Communion are guaranteeing that deadly actions of discrimination and persecution will continue to be acted-out against fellow human beings by pretending that LGBT people "don't exist" in their home countries...or, if they do exist or "surface" they are "abominations" or "lower than pigs" or "worse sinners" than other Christians at The Body of Christ.

It seems there is no end to the irresponsible excluding/demonizing voiced by ignorant extremist spewing by various self-appointed "righteous/Godly Christians." They are capable of generating HATE while refusing to accept the responsiblity for their lethal fear/hatedriven actions against others. These grandstanding and sometimes greedy fellows (and a few scared/angry women), send a message of "exclusion" and HATE-mongering from Church that is promoted against OTHER Christians/Anglicans at The Anglican Communion.

They think they are defending God. A God who needs NO defense!

There is even more HATE NEWS today as police report that Jim David Adkisson is being held for the "Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church" mass shooting/mudering tantrum/rampage against a liberal "Gay Friendly" Chuch in Knoxville Tennessee yesterday, Sunday...the whole story is here (or in any newspaper or CNN)


Attention Episcopalian/Anglican Bishops meeting at The Lambeth Conference at Kent University and Canterbury Cathedral in England:

STOP trying to rationalize fear/hate mongering at Church! QUIT allowing discrimination, punishment/outcasting and persecution of LGBT and Heterosexual Women (practiced selectively by country/Province) to continue...QUIT living in denial and please start to be fully accountable for endorsing, sometimes by silence as The Archbishop of Canterbury often does, HATE preached and instigated at OUR communion by Bishops who are sometimes also bigots and theives!

THE BEATING GOES ON! Update, England: ttp://www.exgaywatch.com/wp/2008/07/liverpool-boy-in-critical-condition-following-homophobic-beating/


fs said...

When will they realize/admit that homophobia is both an evil and an illness? In protecting the "sensibilities" of homophobes, they dress it up and dignify it, thus perpetuating the evil.

Leonardo, I like your new front page -- great looking volcano, and it's very appropriate to the title -- but the old one sure had a nice smile. Kinda miss that smile. Maybe you could put your warm and engaging photo somewhere on the page?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you fs, I don't know how to work this blogpage very well yet, I keep toying with it...I can change my smoking volcano for my picture but then it appears everywhere I blog and I'm not sure if I think that is over doing it too...lol

Yes, it's all a sickness...it's codependent, it's control, it's avoiding reality and the most unhealthy aspect is clergy, like the ABC/others, NOT SPEAKING OUT but enabling the madness and wrong...this part is irreponsible and dangerous to everyones well being connected with the Anglican Communion...it's not moral leadership by our leadership.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Is it plain fear and cowardliness, coupled with a easy, tried and true, anti-LGBT excuse for exclusion? I keep seeing lack of leadership where it is most needed...the simple, and clear, defining by example of WELCOME for ALL the children of God, at all levels of Churchlife/everyday life!

A lot of juggling and attempting to avoid the REAL issue, the attempts at "pleasingL" or avoiding the dealing with deadly ministries of WRONG and them trying to make sense out of insanity/irresponsible behavior seems to be what is going on through the Windsor Continuation "set up"...meanwhile, the greed continues, the scheming, the fear and hate grow and foster resentments and strong distrust...we almost have not leadership at the Communion level at all...it's the blunderings of the ABC that have made relationships worsen and look what "actions" he's manipulated into "being" this week.

James said...

Well said, Leonardo, very well said.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--It is all such a stupid, senseless tradgedy. We were living in Colorado at the time this happened and so many "nice" bigoted people were stunned that this could happen.

The more I see of the Lambeth circus and what passes for Christian leadership, the more I believe we should just walk away.

For a bunch of biblical literalists, I guess they have yet to get to the parts about the Great Commandment and caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc. Of course the RCC model of dipping ever deeper into somelse's pocket and storing up treasure on earth seems to be have an ever growing appeal to them.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks James, hola fs, hi Bonnie,

It's as if the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks everyone went out onto the vast green lawns near Canterbury Cathedral and spun and spun around everyday until they had a "religious enlightenment" like his own (or fell face down, breathless)...I swear, the ABC is not a practical man and shows no "common sense" when participating in the REAL life challenges of reacting to clergy thieves, murder instigating bigots or everyday hate-mongers at Church.

I think he's irresponsible or a very smart, yet absentminded, airhead.

fs said...

Ah, Leonardo, I see you put the photo I missed down by your personal info. Perfect.

I suspect the ABC lives in fear of having the schism occur on his watch (would look so bad in the history books), so he hopes that by patching things over he can buy enough time to be outta there before the whole thing blows. As even he must know, that's not leadership. Plus, as you suggest, he's more an academic than a man of action. It's a pity, for him and for the rest of us. But we'll get there eventually, amigo -- and in our lifetime, I believe.

PseudoPiskie said...

And another African attack here.

No homos in Uganda if they can catch them all and either kill, terrify them back into the closet or chase them out.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

No homos in Uganda if they can catch them all and either kill, terrify them back into the closet or chase them out."

30 de julio de 2008 15:36

...and the Archbishop of Canterbury suggests that although we love and welcome Gay people at Church (right, try that in Uganda or Nigeria with Akinola and Orombi alternately blowing smoke and breathing FIRE)...well, they ought not be considered, well, you know, official Christians because of their, well, you know, behavior, which is well, you know, not on equal to the sinning of other sinners...or somethu'n like that!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Naturally, the Archbishop of Canterbury can't even CONCEIVE of a way to ASK FOR HELP in determining how to welcome EVERYONE at the BODY of Christ without dismembering/murdering and abominating them before they get in the Churchdoor!

++Rowan is clueless and on the wrong chapter and reading the wrong verse.

He needs no Windsor Continuing to Contaminate Committee...he needs a Windsor, how the HELL do we start living in God's REAL WORLD Committee...a committee, charged with, and instructed to LOVE EVERYONE and invite all of the BELOVED in!

fs said...

...a committee, charged with, and instructed to LOVE EVERYONE and invite all of the BELOVED in!

Yowzer. That's my kind of church. Where do I sign up?

Leonardo Ricardo said...


ANOTHER HATECRIME...this one close to the Lambeth Conference...and the beat, goes on, do the ANGLICAN BISHOPS even know how to approach stopping crimes of hate? I suggest that many of them start by stopping the preaching of hate...a specialty amongst some of the religious nuts at The Anglican Communion/Global South Division...read the whole story at ex-Gay Watch at the sidebar.