Jul 19, 2008

In The Garden of Good, Healthy and Abundant Being and Beliving

Buenos Dias from Central America...it's another lovely/slightly cloudy, day in the midst of our May-November "rainy season" ...the season that makes our world burst into the high-pitched brilliance of emerald green everywhere...everything grows abundantly it seems...even our hearts and souls seem to fill-up with joy and promise as blossoms grow into healthy harvests of REALITY in our everyday lives .

Juan Carlos, picture above, has been busily working with his Bonsai Trees this morning...everyone loves "green thumbed" Carlos and his creative Bonsai collection of living art...when we have a party his Bonsais are displayed throughout our house, corridors, sala/gallery and also featured on small/individual high tables as stunning decorative accents that actually have the feeling/look of sculpture...we also use his lower growing Bonsais as table centerpieces with votive candles inbetween on our huge harvest table in the sala/gallery ....quite often Juan Carlos "gifts" his beautiful trees to our guests...he's a generous, good natured/hospitable kind of man.

Juan Carlos also devotedly tends to our ever-chirping and growing family/flock of lovely sounding brilliantly colored tropical birds . These vivid beauties, almost 30 now counting recent newborn chicks, fill the second floor outdoor corridor and hang overlooking the Garden...their natural music from dawn to dusk (when the cages are covered and they restore themselves, rest their voices and await another day like today chirpping troubles away) fills the inner courtyard space of the Garden...as Fred Schwartz would say, "WOWZERS!"

Peace be with you in all that you do.

Prayers for EVERYONE of us and the 650+ Anglican Bishops gathered at The Lambeth Conference at Canterbury Cathedral, England...May God and the Holy Spirit do for them/us what they/us can not, or will not, do for themselves/ourselves....open thy eyes (well, you know the rest).

Que tenga un fin de semana agradable...chirp!

Photo by Leonardo Ricardo


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Yes Wowsers! We see the beautiful green, the beautiful Juan Carlos and the stunning Bonzai art that takes both great patience and skill. Thanks for sharing.

Aghaveagh said...

Hola, Leonardo,

coming by to say hello from the Grapevine, as requested. Glad to see you have your own blog, as I have long admired your passion and courage from your comments at Jake's Place.

But ¡Dios mio! what a very large head at the top of your blog! At least the teeth are not green anymore :-)


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks for visiting Aghaveagh...I didn't know I could make my head, well, a bit smaller...it's not anykind of personal statement, I thought I just filled in the blanks...anyway, to me it looks like the softbound bookcover that I'm writing at the encouragement of fs...we'll see...do you think I ought to find a way to shrink my head?

fs said...

Ah Leonardo, your life with Juan Carlos sounds like a lush bit of heaven on earth. I love Bonzais -- they seem almost other-worldly in their smallness, as if lifted from a fairy tale. And your courtyard full of birdsong -- wowsers, indeed.

Juan Carlos certainly creates beauty in this worlld, y me parece que el esta muy guapo, también. Como ti. ;-)