Jul 25, 2008

Life in the Times of In-Your-Face RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY!

Peter Tatchell
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"For more than 30 years Peter Tatchell has campaigned tirelessly against homophobia, racism and sexism and for civil liberties and social justice. Through direct political action and his writing, he has stood up to and confronted injustice and abuse, often at considerable risk to himself. Despite being attacked, physically and verbally, he has never allowed himself to be bullied into silence."

Quote from Peter Tatchell:

"It's very sad to see a good man like the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, going to such extraordinary lengths to appease homophobes within the Anglican communion. He'd never try to appease anti-Semites or racists. The Anglican communion's obsession with homosexuality is not normal and not healthy. It indicates a collective sexual neurosis. Its neglect of issues like the arms race, global warming and mass poverty in the developing world is truly shameful — it has deserted Christ's gospel of love and compassion in favour of a homophobic and misogynistic agenda."

The above quotation was taken from the article "Lifelong crusader for gay rights" published today in THE IRISH TIMES.


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Leslie Littlefield said...

most excellent!

fs said...

Bravo! Peter Tatchell comes right out and says it. This is how the future will see it -- it's as if Tatchell were speaking to us from 20-30 years ahead.

Good find, Leonardo.

FranIAm said...

Amen to that.

Such foolishness to reject in the name of Christ, yet so many continue to do that.

Deep sigh.