Jul 1, 2008

Fishing For Excuses

Dear Friends,

This week I'll be leaving for the United States to do some fishing...not the kind of fishing that requires water, boats, bait and hooks but fishing none-the-less that hopefully won't be way over-my-head...I'm going to work for a couple of weeks in California and no doubt I'll be fishing for compliments when the work is done.

Please excuse me until my return. I'm sorry to leave so quickly as I've just begun the "Eruptions" Blog but duty calls (and I don't think I'll know how to add pictures from afar)...we'll see.

Thanks for being here with me and I hope to see you fit and spry in mid-July!


Padre Mickey said...

Have a good time, Leonardo!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

but Padre, I'm like you, the minute I hit the U.S. I start feeling odd...it's something about the hustle bustle and seeming importance of every-little-thingie and all those determined looks in all those busily focusing eyes...all those strident actions make me tired...how I long for the quiet of my village and the chirping of birds and the covers pulled over my head...but, I must go forward and do some shopping at a Mall etc. and spread myself around! Yikes, civilization, multi-lane Freeways and Vegetables/Fruits purchased at stores.

Padre Mickey said...

Also, they make you eat a lot of really rich food, at least that's what happens to me in the Bay Area. After a couple of weeks all I want is pollo, arroz, frioles y plantain.

But you have a good time anyway.

David G. said...

and Vegetables/Fruits purchased at stores...

Not necessarily . . .I pinch fruits & vegetables from the neighbors extensive gardens, ...I mean there are only 2 folks there and oodles of wasting produce.

Okay it's invited pinching, in fact I was asked if I wanted anything and of course I stepped up to the plate!!

You have fun, we'll suffer through you're absence ....lol.

jennjenn said...

Safe and pleasant journey Lenn.
says Jenn.
Just think...you can stock up on those GAP T-shirts you love. We miss you!t

Fred Schwartz said...

Well old friend, I found you and I found me. Good trip, talk with you when you get back.

fs said...

Have a great trip, Leonardo. The way you express it makes me feel nostalgic for a quiet village like yours, too. You were wise to head South when you did. What a good life. Sounds like Padre Mickey made the right choice, too.

The artwork on your blog, all of it, is beautiful. Is the gorgeous mirror on this post in your home? Very elegant -- both the mirror and the reflection.

Am looking forward to hearing about your trip, Leonardo. God bless and Godspeed, hermano.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Friends (love the sound of that)...I'm in Los Angeles being charming...lots of smiling and I'm having a great time (eating ice cream sundaes too with all sorts of fabulous ice cream like Rocky Road/Carmel Sauce...this picture of me is horrible...I had know idea it was so bad...I don't have ANY of those broken bloodvessels all over my face (I'm having a vanity attack)...gotta get home soon a clean this picture up...thanks for all the nice notes of encouragement and I send you my best wishes for your good health, happiness and peace-of-mind...lots to be grateful for.

Love to all,

Caminante said...

Pues, come to my little valley in Vermont (where it feels as though we are in Panamá today) and you won't find malls. Tonight is the local farmer's market on the common and most of us have veggie gardens. But yes I miss my comida salvadoreña when I get back. It's hard to maintain here, though. No pupusas ;)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

WHAT no pupusas? There is no life during life without pupsuas...surely you jest?

I'm dazzled by civilization but it won't turn my head.

Returning to the campo soon.

Love to all,

Fred Schwartz said...

Okay, bud. Saw your post over at Friends and know you are back. Not that I want to bug you, but ya can't live on work alone!

Lynn said...

Leonardo dear, I have missed our exchanges over at the good Father J's place. I hope you are doing well - and perhaps back home, feeling settled in?

I am even looking through the files for a summer fruit dessert that has a hint of decadence but a little less guilt (and butter fat). And the quest for a decent video on how to make pie crust from scratch.

Cany said...

Okay, now I HAVE to whine... you were in So. Cal. and somehow we didn't meet up so we could have a Sundae together????

Whine whine whine.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

WOW, Lynn, Fred, Cany, Jenn, fs, Lee, David G, Padre Mickelstein,

It's beginning to look like that old GANG of mine!

Love it, thanks for being here!