Jul 20, 2008

Hide then Seek Out "the Bishop that Makes US Nervous"

....."He concluded with the observation that fear is at the root of so many of our problems and suggested that the only thing to do with fear is to put it in the presence of God. And he invited us to seek out another bishop who “makes us nervous” and pray with him or her. To see what God might do in such a grace-filled moment. I’m not sure how many bishops actually were bold enough to respond to this challenge!" ecubishop


Dear Rowan, Archbishop of Canterbury, you are cordially invited to follow your own spiritual advice and seek out the Bishop V.Gene Robinson of TEC diocese of New Hampshire (he's nearby)...as you well know, the much FEARED Bishop Gene Robinson is the only fully/freely elected and officially consecrated/credentialed and authentic Episcopalian/Anglican Bishop with Jurisdiction you didn't invite to The Lambeth Conference (what were YOU afraid of?)...unfortunately by removing him from the every ten-year Lambeth Conference meeting your REAL and HONEST opportunity to put +Robinson in full "presence before God" (and all of you) has so-far lapsed.

Perhaps you, very personally, will follow your own advice and seek-out Bishop Robinson at the Integrity/Inclusive Church Eucharist being held today so you can FACE, before God and as a fine example to everyone else of how to directly and spiritually approach..."the root of OUR problem."

Mil Gracias


Anonymous said...

Would that Rowan were that sane. Does he ever listen to himself, I wonder?

Leslie Littlefield said...

Very beautifully put! You are always on target. I so apprecite your clear minded views on thing.
Many Blessings...

Bonnie said...

scott hankins--Well if I had to seek out the one that makes me nervous, ++Rowan would be at the top of my list. Perhaps this is why the churches in England are empty? I keep trying to like this man but....

Leadership takes a fearless courage. Being radically hospitable against all of the odds. Like eating tax collectors, drunkards and sinners.

I nominate Leonardo to be the next ABC.

Anonymous said...


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--The good news this morning is Susan Russell's sermon from yesterday. And, how I like that she preached in an open field. A dynamite sermon too!

I often wonder what God has to say in the end to those "purple-shirted" or "red-gowned" nits who "...stand daily at their office offering the same sacrifice which can never take away sin."

I long ago gave up any hope that the RCC would ever change. It has never been about caring for and loving God's creation--the real treasures of the earth.

They were also the first to elevate not taking (or sharing) the Body and Blood into some sort of weird, twisted new sacrament of their own devising. I see Venebles and his ilk are following suit.