Jul 20, 2008

Maximon/San Simon and the Hebegeebees setting in!

maximon/san simon
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In Guatemala there is a saint that you probably don't know about since he is based on the Maya underworld deity of Mam...this fellow can drive your enemies completely loco if you give offerings of tobacco, alcohol, soft-drinks, rich foods, or money ...how tempting it is to direct a little mischief to some Global South Primates but they are already NUTS as can be...once, years ago, I went to San Simon's shrine/chapel in the countryside (also many private homes here have a little private chapel with candles always burning in front of his image) and while I was innocently observing the outpouring of devotion to San Simon a interesting thing happened to me...I was quietly taken out of a line and escorted into a private chapel where a shaman was presiding at a rosedecked-out alter and he started sprinkling me with a special holy water by dipping a rose in the water and shaking the dripping rose all over me....I felt unsettled by this action but the Roman Catholic Church "looks the otherway" on the subject of San Simon aka Maximon so I strolled quietly away....the other day I went to a friends house and there was San Simon looking my way as I passed a little room off the side corridor...I'm fascinated with him but he makes me shudder a bit...I best stick with Santo Hermano Pedro whose chapel/shrine is a favorite of mine at San Francisco, el Grande, Church.

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gayuganda said...

Ha ha!

Very similar in Africa. And also here, the Church looks the other way, though once in a while a sermon comes...

Good evening. To the west!