Jul 24, 2008

African Nun at Jerusalem/Gay Pride Parade

Caption: "A nun watches the gay pride parade on June 21st, 2007 in Jerusalem, she was forbidden entrance to anywhere near the parade because of her religion, the police and the parade organizers decided that all religious people posed a threat to the gay parade..."

"...the police and the parade organizers decided that ALL religious people posed a threat to the gay parade."

Perhaps this is why Bishop/Primate Bul of Sudan and Peter Akinola of Nigeria don't think there are ANY Gay people in Sudan or Nigeria. Peter Akinola Archbishop/Primate of Nigeria stayed in his far-away Hotel room at the outskirts of Jerusalem during this years Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem...he was excluded/prohibited from entering the area for security reasons...part of the security for protecting the all-around safety of LGBT Christians, Muslims, Jews and others by his absense and the absense of his Gafcon accomplices.

LGBT Christians and Muslims know that many religious people are a THREAT to their very living/being/breathing and religious beliving...a threat that has nothing to do with what the REAL character of any individual LGBT person may be, actually IS, or may represent in the quality of their everyday lives and/or their posivitive interactions with family and friends..

Dangerous extremist religious bigots know little of promoting Peace and Gods love with one another...they often can not be TRUSTED with ones spiritual life when one would be excluded, marginalized and/or outright damned to Hell....abominated for simply breathing in and out? It's in the blatant "intolerance and discrimination" by some of the "religious" against LGBT Christians/Muslims and Heterosexual Women in Africa/beyond that harms/stops any outreach and/or Evangelism. "Religious" excluding pontificators instigate crimes of hate and generate feelings of extreme caution and out-right DANGER when LGBT people and abused Women seek spiritual consul, help (any kind) from a trained-to-demean, demoralize and castagate/destroy "religious" preacher/leaders. One need not "do" anything wrong/sinful to qualify for viscious acts of brutality to be launched against them by extremists....but then again, you don't have to be a LGBT Christian/Muslim or a abused Heterosexual Woman to figure that out. Some "religious" excluding leaders are dangerous to EVERYONES health...in their religious madness/denial they pretend it's "evangelism" and they pretend, or have the arrogance to think/believe, they represent a God! A God who wants us to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR as they initiate massacres, suicide bombings, aggressive attacks and civil wars on fellow human beings? These are the religious "destructionists" who harm all humanity.

I imagine/believe the "neighbors" God Commands us to love include ALL of the children of God, we are instructed to love the "marginalized" people of God...NO exceptions, all means all...no wonder religious extremists are "forbidden" and considered "threatening" to come near some hearts/souls and their everyday REAL spiritual/emotional and physical lives.

Are some religious people dangerous to our spiritual and emotional health? I think so...I must not live in our world by playing pretend...spiritual or otherwise.


gayuganda said...


they are very, very dangerous!!!

Cany said...

Sadly, this is the perception that many of our ilk voice and a very valid reason for mistrust.

Everyone is welcome... unless... well, the list is long, actually.

It makes me feel so ashamed.

Bonnie said...

Interesting. Maybe the "minders" they had were to keep them put where they were so that they couldn't disrupt the parade.

I wish the Israelis had just chucked them out. They should have followed the lead of the Jordanians.

I can't understand why anyone would want to give those bigoted nits any credibility on an international level.

And really, that they would/could/should in any way be considered a Christian witness for the Anglican Communion is beyond comprehension.

Caminante said...

I remember the first gay pride parade in which I walked down Fifth Avenue, NYC in 1992, with Integrity, how people applauded us. The following year, when I walked in clericals, people came over to say thank you. If only there were more opportunities for us to show this face of the church rather than that of the obsessed.

Elia said...

Keep up the good work.