Feb 5, 2011

UGANDAS FLIM FLAM -- POLITICOS & CLERGY: Masters of Back-Stabbing, Cork-Screwing, Dirty-Dealing, and CREATING a ¨Living Hell in Uganda¨

MP James Nsaba Buturo, Ethics and Integrity Minister
¨Somewhere I read that he was once a witchdoctor¨
¨A bully drives me into a corner. I cannot sleep. I cannot rest. My mind is in overdrive.¨ HERE

First Lady of Uganda, MP Janet Museveni
 "You know that you will lose everything else when you lose your soul.¨
"In God's word, homosexuality attracts a curse, but now people are engaging in it and saying they are created that way. It is for money The devil is stoking fires to destroy our nation and those taking advantage are doing so because our people are poor,"
Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi
·Spiritual Counselor to MP David ¨Kill All The Gays¨ Bahati
·Excommunicated Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo for ministering to suicidal LGBTI Anglicans
"People should respect nature and the great creator who modelled man and woman. He wasn't blind and he knows why he created a man's parts and a woman's parts. Why should anyone try to undo that?" HERE

Anglican MP David Bahati, author of ¨Kill the Gays¨ -- Satans Murderous Christians
¨David Bahati, The Ugandan MP who proposes that gays should be executed as author of Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill ...the MP also serves as the "College of Prayer International" spiritual advisor to Parliament! HERE

Fr. Erich ¨Anglican/Ugandan Ecclesiastical Protection Peddler¨ Kasirye and wife Patricia  (aka Colonel Josephine)
The Kasirye´s pulled off the ANGLICAN KITEMU COMMUNITY CENTER caper for Archbishop Orombi 
¨Eric and Patricia/Josephine serve/served as Anglican Church of Uganda fundraisers for ¨Ecclesiastical Protection from Poisoness Americans¨ as well as being ¨LGBTI Scammers¨ and watchdogs for other potentially profitable evil and assigned to Bishop Samuel Balagadde Sekaddle (who himself retired in a dark cloud of improper property accounting)¨ HERE

Giles Muhame, publisher of slanderous tabloid, holding the Rolling Stone (not U.S. Magazine)
 Front Page of the tabloid pictures David Kato, murdered last week,  and also the photo of excommunicated Anglican Hero Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo (under the diagonal yellow ¨Hang Them¨ Banner)

¨All the key architects of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 have spoken about David Kato's murder and are using it to further their agenda of hate. But there is hope. David Kato's funeral feels like a stonewall moment for Uganda's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.¨ HERE

Praise to the courageous ¨Kuchus¨ of Uganda and to David Kato, R.I.P.

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