Jan 2, 2010


...and not cause us to whine and complain. It´s the *way* that we see things that makes the World *be* things...¨ Dorothy Johnson

Recent arrivals in my garden of eternal delights

¨Deep Feelings¨, private collection, Guatemala City, 2009

¨My Friends Suzy and Elizabeth¨ December 2009

¨Splendid Garden¨ private collection, Antigua, Guatemala

My Inner Garden, Rainy Season, 2009

¨Joyous¨, 2009, private collection, Antigua

Juan Carlos, astounding

¨Sweeping Landscape¨, private collection, Lake Forest, Illinois

Fido Knows Things, Sala, 2009

¨The Fuego Volcano¨ private collection, Maine, United States

¨Work¨ in progress, a large oblong table (seats 8), 2010

Thinking of YOU, Thank you. 2010

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Brian R said...

Gracias, Leonardo
May God richly bless you in 2010.

June Butler said...

Te doy gracias, mi amigo, Leo. Te doy bendiciónes por el nuevo año.

You are soooo good looking.

Leonard said...

Grandmère Mimi made my day!

Since the eye surgeries I feel like I must look pretty awful (but you can´t tell my eye is unwell, verdad?)...I´ve been gaining weight and sleeping a lot...I´m expecting a second WIND around March/April and then I hope to have my new EAGLE EYE, aka lense, installed (the Doctor reports it will ¨heighten¨ colors...yikes)!

Abrazos fuerte to all in the New Year and beyond.

Thanks again Mimi for your kind words and like you, I´m a little bit of Chicken when it comes to those eye surgeries (just sedate me out of my mind, like before, por favor).

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Blessings and Prayers for both of you in the New Year!

motheramelia said...

Gracias and blessings and wishes for a wonderful New Year. The pictures of your artwork are wonderful. In fact all of the pictures are. Both you and Juan Carlos are quite handsome and I envy your garden.

Doorman-Priest said...

Thank you so much. Many blessings on your ministries.

it's margaret said...

Many blessings in the New Year Leonard --it was wonderful to hear your voice, and I hope to meet you in the year to come. (It was delightful to meet Elizabeth and serve at the altar --thank you.) Guatemala is under my skin. I'll be back.

Blessings. (And Grandmere is correct --you are good looking!)

Leonard said...

Margaret, you´ve espaced from my clutches! Sorry not to meet you in person this past week...please let me know WHEN you are coming next time...I had some good news this week from the eyedoctor...they will operate on my eye again in eight weeks and all should be better than before (they´re inserting a new lense as they took my natural one out)! It will be nice to not walk into door frames and miss have of the canvas when I´m working on art...lol, onward and thanks be to God for all the wonderful friends I have...Elizabeth is my leading spiritual influence and all-around great example of how my character aspires to ¨be¨..lI´m so glad that you got to meet her and I liked talking to you too on the telephone!

June Butler said...

:-( I was waiting to hear all about the meeting between you and Margaret, Leo.

Leonard said...

Sorry Grandmère Mimi to let you down...I know I´d love Margaret in person...she´s heaven on the telephone...I didn´t know she was arriving and suddenly things got nuts around here (including my maids daughter had a miscarriage in the middle of Tuesday, a Birthday Luau, and my doctors visit in the Capitol on Thursday)...there it went, but I heard that Margaret was enthusiastically received amongst the underground church (she´ll tell you more, but ¨ecumenical¨ is kids stuff).

it's margaret said...

Len, is it alright to speak more about the church?! I was holding back as I did not want to get anyone in 'trouble.'

And, yes, I promise to let you know I will be there, next time! Please know you continue in my prayers.

Leonard said...

Dear Margaret,

I just sent you a big email...the underground Church probably ought remain nameless (although I have written about it before, but that was before anybody knew where I was)...it´s odd sounding to others but it´s what we do here (think catacombs) and it´s about 17 years old.

June Butler said...

Well, I do want to hear about Margaret's visit to the underground church - as much as she can tell.