Apr 29, 2012

¨THE WORLD AROUND US¨ (should really astound us): Came into being the ´Old Fashioned Way´ -- Drop by Drop and Stroke by Stroke -- Leonardo Ricardo

¨ The World Around Us¨  (should really astound us)
4´ x 4´ Painted on Wood Panel
Close up (outside light glaring in)
Just finished this afternoon.  This is intense.  It´s loaded with Metallics and Glitter (little bombs and bubbles) and finished with polyurethane...there are random flowing lines of upholstry tacks in gold and silver outling and irregularly framing the sides (which are painted all the way around).  Hope you like it...I´m sometimes dazzled by what happens when I paint...this is one of the times.   Len


rwattonville said...

It seems to me the "world around us" is never separate from the "world within us" except for what our conditioned mind's thoughts, reinforced by our eyes, ears, & brain erroneously perceive as separation. During the "time" we are free of the illusion of separation, interestingly, we are not aware of being fully integrated. It just "happens".

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Inside or outside it astounds me (being present counts).