Apr 20, 2012

The Day Of Silence Is Today

¨Today is GLSEN’s annual Day of Silence, the day when students across the country join together to remain silent to highlight their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students and to protest the bullying and harassment of LGBT students...¨   HERE

·  Thanks to David Badash
·  Thanks to The New Civil Rights Movement, sidebar
·  Thanks to GLESEN´S National Day of Silence


rwattonville said...

Hopefully the silence will encompass complete awareness of all the current needless human suffering on the planet we share, as well as the source of that ongoing misery. Otherwise most of us will continue to waste precious energy & intelligence trying to change the things & people we cannot change, instead of coordinating & cooperating with one another to ease the suffering.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Comprehensive Unity...