Apr 15, 2012

THE SCOOP FROM DOWN UNDER: Archbishop/Sydney Peter Jensen has flown to England to stir up more trouble for gay clergy and laity with the ¨excluding¨ Gafcon/GS schismatics

The Anglican Gafcon Homophobes Circle London
Peter Jensen heads a group of homophobes intent on purging the Church of England of homosexuals

Peter Jensen has flown to England to sir up trouble ¨Traditionalist Anglican Leaders¨ HERE for gay clergy. He wants them sacked. Peter Jensen is totally recalcitrant ...When he is invited to England to attend the Lambeth conference, he goes to Jerusalem ...and when he's not invited he arrives to stir up trouble in other countries.

He and other bigots are holding a five-day conference starting on April 23 aimed at finding a sexist homophobe who could take over from Rowan Williams.¨ HERE

¨Traditionalist Anglican leaders to meet over homosexual bishops 'crisis’

They want to restore “orthodox” values to the worldwide Anglican Communion and outlaw liberal church leaders who have rejected traditional teaching.

They will meet for the first time since more than 200 bishops boycotted an official summit for Anglican leaders in 2008 in protest at the presence of bishops from the US Episcopal Church, which consecrated the first openly homosexual Anglican bishop.

The decision by the leaders to hold talks in Britain is likely to increase tensions between the traditionalists and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who will this year step down amid criticism he has failed to heal divisions over sexuality.

Its timing means that it will provide traditionalists with an opportunity to call for Dr Williams’s successor to be sympathetic to traditionalists. ¨ HERE

· Thanks to The Telegraph, United Kingdom
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Grandmère Mimi said...

Peter Jensen might note as well that the road to heaven does not go through the Global South, nor through FoCA. How about if we all keep our eyes on Jesus?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I don´t know...I think you´re hoping that these boys, and they are grandstanding boys, are Christians (just because they tell us so):


Grandmère Mimi said...

Well, it was just a suggestion. ;-)