Apr 6, 2012

THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO (still): ¨ Kill Gays Bill¨ promoters alive and spiritually/emotionally unwell in Uganda

Uganda Pastors Accuse U.S. Of Spreading ‘Gayism,’ Imposing ‘An Agenda For Homosexuals’

¨PBS’s Newshour featured a segment on Uganda’s ongoing struggle for LGBT equality Thursday, and the nation’s hostility to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s historical call to treat gay rights as human rights. Polls still show that 95 percent of Ugandans favor criminalizing homosexuality — and many back the infamous “kill gays bill,” which would impose harsh penalties on homosexual behavior.

The piece includes Pastor Joseph Serwadda, who heads an association of Pentecostal and evangelical churches, accusing the West of spreading “gayism” and imposing “an agenda for homosexuals in Uganda.” He claims that “Nobody has gone to jail; nobody has been harassed; nobody has been ostracized because of their sexual orientation” and says that he has never met a gay person. Watch it: HERE

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Jim said...

At least we can be clear that Uganda is not a Christian country!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Such a strong example of collective self-perceived righteousness violating common decency and brotherly/sisterly love for one another...the twisted ¨good¨ becomes a spiritual sickness...more dangerous to the ¨holy¨ than the innocents, the despised, the LGBT outcasts, the ¨others.¨