Apr 1, 2012

¨We must fight for equal rights for LGBT people, just as we must fight for the rights of the poor...¨

"We're enveloped in a national debate about insurance mandates and the political leanings of nine Supreme Court Justices. That's all well and good, but entirely beside the point. A nation that does not care for its sick and infirm is a nation that does not deserve to exist. A nation that actively profits from the pain and suffering of those sick and infirm deserves to burn in Hell. A nation that throws those sick and infirm to the wolves is so far beneath contempt as to beggar description."

William Rivers Pitt, Journalist, Truthout

¨I'm in full agreement with Pitt's assessment of our country which is the only developed country where people are afraid of their medical bills; many of whom can't even afford to get needed medical care. Only a country that believes in the Darwinian concept of "Survival of the Fittest," and views others as mere inconveniences or wastes, can embrace and extol wealth as the major, if not sole, criterion of being worthy of having a full life and enjoying the fruits of equality granted to all citizens in the Constitution.

It is not a great leap to see that our contempt for the poor is equivalent for many people's contempt for LGBT people! Both groups are minorities, both groups are devalued, both groups are denied basic human rights, and both groups are assaulted and murdered by people who disparage and/or hate those whom they perceive as "weak."

We must fight for equal rights for LGBT people, just as we must fight for the rights of the poor, for to do anything less is to be in league with those who "deserve to burn in Hell."  The Reverend Doctor Jerry Maneker, A Christian Voice for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Rights   HERE

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