Apr 2, 2012

SEMANA SANTA/HOLY WEEK: ¨It’s a difficult week for people who take this seriously. It ends well, but getting to the end is hard work¨

¨This is a lot nearer than we think; it happened yesterday, it's happening now¨
Holy Week:  Cling to Hope
By Josh Thomas

¨For most Christians this is Holy Week, the Week of Christ’s Passion, encompassing four of the most important events in the life of Jesus: his triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) a few days before Passover; his last supper, the seder of Passover, which he transformed into the Sacrament of His Body and Blood (Maundy Thursday, including washing his disciples’ dirty feet); his execution nailed to a cross (Good Friday); and his returning to life, the Feast of the Resurrection, or Easter Day...¨ please, read it all,   HERE

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