Apr 28, 2012

MORMONS CALLED-OUT ON INACTION: Gay suicides happen in Northern Utah about once a week, but officially, you know, it doesn´t happen..

A candlelit vigil will be held for Jack Reese on Wednesday (Photo: Facebook)

“The youth I work with all know either a victim of bullying, the loss of a friend to suicide, and most often, both. These youth are bright, creative and loving, yet too often face daily abuse from rejecting families, bullies at school and the loss of their church family. It is time for local schools to incorporate proven techniques for eliminating bullying and homophobia, for churches to preach love and acceptance, and for parents and families to love and accept their children. Each loss of life is a loss for all of us, and it must stop now”  Ms. Marian Edmonds

¨A 17-year old from Mountain Green, Utah, has killed himself due to homophobic bullying, local media organisations report.

Jack Reese is not the first person to have taken his own life in Northern Utah. One official spoke off-the-record to Marian Edmonds of Ogden OUTreach: “It happens here about once a week, but officially, you know, it doesn’t happen here.” HERE

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rwattonville said...

There was a book & a powerful old movie about a Mormon Senator who was outed by political enemies for a homosexual affair while he was in the navy in Hawaii. I don't recall the the name of it. Anybody remember it. Had a great cast in the film, but was "politically correct" for the time. Peer pressure is often devastating, but suicide is the last option to consider.

Paul Powers said...

"Advise and Consent" by Alan Drury.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Paul and thank Ron for the reminder...I was riveted when I saw that movie (in the 60´s sometime as I was living in San Francisco in my late teens-early 20´s). I especially recall that it was exactly ¨the way things were¨ (which was another touching/emotional movie altogether)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that they don't get their own planet to populate?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Anonymous, of course they will get their own planet, three versions of heaven and lots of servants -- that would be you and me -- to help them shine up their great temple oxen...don´t forget there are all those souls in heaven waiting to arrive in humankind to be made Mormons (didn´t make it the first/etc times) therfore the heavy breeding. I´m pleased that Mormons get to think/worship as they please, it´s just that I don´t want to wait on them in this life or the next...period...I find them unrelieable friends.