Apr 26, 2012

PLEASE MEET PAUL: ¨I hate telling this story. It is a story of guilt and shame. So why tell it? I know I am not that rare and maybe this will help someone else avoid or escape the torture chamber...¨

¨I called out to God to deliver me from my attraction to the same sex. There was never a hint of a question in my mind that I was bent, warped, deviant, and that I needed to be saved from this. I knew God would be my ally in this fight. At least I wasn't alone, God was with me. After all, wasn't it God who didn't want me to be attracted to men?¨  Paul 
¨When Peterson first suggested to me that I write a personal narrative focusing on my struggle with compulsive sexual behavior, I admit, I groused at the notion. This is not exactly what I want to be known for. But, as I considered the proposition, I realized, this needs to be talked about, maybe this will help someone else.

I know my story is not unique. I know there are many gay men out there who have this struggle because I’ve met them.

I was raised in a conservative fundamental Christian home. I 'knew' from an early age that my attraction to the same sex was bad and to act on it would be sin. At age 14 I became an ardent follower of Jesus. While I had been raised in a Christian home, my Christianity was just how I was raised. At 14 I made a personal decision to “follow Jesus.” By the time I graduated from high school, I had read the bible several times and memorized a great deal of it. Jesus was my life...¨  please read Paul´s narrative HERE

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rwattonville said...

Writing an honest, fact-finding "personal narrative" is perhaps the best "tool" to really learn about ourselves & each other. It is best not to be hurried, but done daily 1 page at a time, reflecting upon each segment for a day or more before proceeding to the next. When fairly complete, sharing it with interested others can greatly enlarge the learning & understanding to be gained in the endeavor.