Apr 10, 2012

ATTENTION CROWN NOMINATIONS COMMISSION (CNC): No to threats, no to tears, no to mensroom/toilet deals when you select the next Archbishop of Canterbury

Quiet please and listen!

Please Lord, not again, let my people go.

The Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit that I have come to know, is perplexed. 

Why is it another ¨anti-LGBT¨ Anglican ¨plant/panel member¨ has been installed by the Church of England Synod on the Crown Nominations Commission?  Why must a known anti-LGBT prejudiced person taint the clear minded and spirited directed selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury? 

For the fair minded amongst us I beg you to reconsider

If you/we are trying to achieve a more spiritually and emotionally balanced leadership at Lambeth Palace and throughout the Anglican Communion, please start the process of leadership selection with  a more neutral and open-hearted  total commission.  Please commend ¨sexual orientation¨ neutral thinking members to choose with wholesomeness and clarity

Please refrain from supporting any CNC member who may twist arms/brains, makes you cry (again) or makes you agree to the blackballing of ¨Gay¨ men by staging covert angry meet-ups in the mensroom (even though the location seems right for that kind of eliminating and crude politics at Church).

Demeaning the fullness of our Anglican Communion humanity by including a member on the commission who thinks LGBT Anglicans can be ¨cured or changed¨ (from being ill?) is a very unhealthy prospect indeed. 

Please don´t do it.  

Opening your hearts and minds to all candidates put before  you, without prejudice, who wish to be considered as the next Archbishop of Canterbury is doing the right thing and opening to the Holy Spirit. 

Lord hear my prayer

Leonardo Ricardo
Central America

Glynn Harrison, Crown Nominations Commission
Archbishop panel member believes gay people can 'change' sexual desire

¨A leading member of the Church of England who believes some gay people can be counselled to suppress or possibly change their sexual orientation is helping to select the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Glynn Harrison, emeritus professor of psychiatry at Bristol University, is on the powerful Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), which will chose a successor to Rowan Williams to be approved by the prime minister and the Queen.

Harrison’s role on the 16-strong panel has triggered alarm among liberal Anglicans who fear it could deepen existing divisions over homosexuality in a church already riven by the issues of holding gay civil ceremonies in churches and the ordination of gay bishops…¨ HERE

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Lord, hear our prayer!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Mimi, after read your blog on the same subject and reading the comments, I believe we/our prayers are very well thought out and wholesome...no sense seating prejudice/bigotry, on purpose, at CNC.