Sep 19, 2011

IN HONOR OF SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL: Please meet some of San Miguels most cherished and beloved friends and followers...

This past weekend, as part of our celebration and tribute to Saint Michael the Archangel, patron Saint of our village, there were bags and bags of healthy food distributed to some of the elderly folks who rarely leave their homes because of illness or age.  My friends Juan Carlos, Chepe, Henry, Raphael and one of their amigos went around our town passing out anonymously given gifts of nutrious food to some of our older and very respected neighbors.

This time the delivery angelitos took dozens of photos of the wonderful and gracious people who received their ¨Angel Food¨ gifts.  After Juan Carlos downloaded the delivery pictures into my computer I was speechless.  The faces who appeared before me were not only my nobel neighbors and fellow villagers but I could almost see their various personal histories appearing before me...I know most of you will understand the deep feelings of gratitude and Thanksgiving I have for being part of life and everyday ¨being¨ in Latin America. 

May I introduce by way of last Saturdays photos a few of San Miguels dear friends:

Thanks to the many anonymous friends in North and Central America who donated ¨Angel Food¨ for this years celebration

Special thanks 
Jenn and John, San Francisco, California
Juan Carlos, Violeta and Leonardo, San Miguel
Tom, Paul and Mom, Antigua and Hawaii
Lisa, Antigua and Maine
Suzanne, San Pedro/Antigua and Wisconsin

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JCF said...

San Miguel, ora pro nosotros!