Sep 20, 2011

MEET JAMEY RODEMEYER: He´s dead. Jamey couldn´t take the ongoing unkindness spewed at him by degenerate bigots and everyday fools/hate-mongers.

Jamey committed suicide Sept 18th 2011
Attention emotionally sick/self-righteous relentless bullies and bigots 

Take note of the trail of blood you leave flowing because of your hateful whispers, smutty slurs and as you demean others at school, at home and at Church (as you exclude).  Think about the cowardly and immoral mess you leave as you scar and sometimes kill innocents, our families, our friends and loved ones as you self-deceive and pretend you are some sort of ¨sexually pure¨ human being.   The Price of Hate It´s all about you and those like you who smear others around are responsible, you are often sadists or seriously demented and wreckless homophobes. Stop your deadly abusive!



JCF said...

RIP, Jamey. :-(..

We Demand Justice! Justice for Jamey (and all our countless dead)! An END to bullying, hate crimes and harrassment! >:-0

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨...and all our countless dead!¨

Lifetimes of garbage spewed about LGBT people will no longer be tolerated from bigots and thieves at Church and beyond. Self-righteous fear/hate-mongers must, and will, be exposed for the dangerous thugs-at-Church/beyond that they really are. These accomplices to LGBT murders have told lies and ridiculed Gay people from the pulpits of their greed, fear and stupidity for lifetimes..our lifetimes. May God continue to expose them for the cowards, egofilled/spiritless zealots and religious criminals that they really are...opportunists, bigots and thieves.