Sep 29, 2011

A Letter to ¨Mum¨ in KENYA: Protect me, the laws have failed me. Don’t throw me out; the church has already done that!

Dear Mum,

It’s now over 20 years since u gave birth to me

I am the child you gave birth to me. I am your last borne child. You brought us up as brothers without a sister. The conditions were the same; we were all living in the same house, eating of the same pot, wearing of the same cloth. But mom, I’m different.

Mom you said I loved to be cleaner than other boys, that I was your darling son that I was like the daughter you never had as I was more gentle and organized. You called me “the perfect gentlemen” mom you didn’t notice my difference as its said, a book held very closely to the eye is less clear. But today I tell you mum, I’m different.

I’m still you loving boy, I’m still of the same blood ,it’s still me your son I’m still the child you brought up with the morals you installed in me but mom I’m different

Please don’t curse me; the society has already done that.

Please don’t lock me out; my colleagues have already done that.

Don’t throw me out; the church has already done that.

Protect me mom, the laws have failed me.

Mom, I need your love to continue to be,

I need a person in my corner, Mom I’m different but I’m still David, your son.

I am the love that dare not speak its name.¨ David

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