Sep 1, 2011

PRO-ANGLICAN COVENANT ESSAYS: ¨...ultimately unconvincing, the essays are at least interesting...¨ Lionel Deimel

¨Reading material favoring the adoption of the Anglican Covenant is largely a boring and depressing enterprise. The most common “argument” asserts that the Communion is in crisis, and the Covenant offers “the only way forward.” Some proponents assert that little will change if the Covenant is put into effect, which, of course, raises the question of how the Covenant is going to “rescue” the Communion from its “crisis.” Others invoke the need for “unity” as the primary rationale for Covenant adoption, though one has to ask why the unity of The Episcopal Church with the Church of Uganda should be more important than our church’s relationship with, for example, the United Methodist Church.

The Living Church*, which has long been critical of The Episcopal Church and which has adopted a strong Anglo-Catholic orientation in recent years, has been publishing a series of essays in favor of Covenant adoption in its magazine and on its Web site. Whereas I find the case made for the Covenant in these pieces ultimately unconvincing, the essays are at least interesting, offering more compelling arguments than I have seen in many places, particularly the material from Lambeth Palace and from the Church of England...¨ please read it all, HERE

Lionel Deimel’s Farrago
“Essays Favoring the Anglican Covenant from *The Living Church” on my Web site here.

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