Sep 13, 2011


Anglican Hero, Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, ¨excommunicated¨ by Archbishop ¨C Street¨ Orombi HERE  for ministering to the suicidal and Ugandas LGBT outcasts
¨The work of Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, a retired Anglican Bishop from the Diocese of Western Uganda, has become increasingly vital over time, heightened by the intensifying persecution of homosexuals in his country. Taking the courageous step of ministering to LGBT people in his country, the Bishop is calling on America to “stop exporting hatred” as he continues to advocate for the global decriminalization of homosexuality

The not-so-reverend American, ¨Deadly¨ Scott Lively,  Preaching  anti-Gay ¨Holocaust Revisionist¨ lies/filth on the ground in Kampala, Uganda
It is a well known fact that Christian Evangelicals from the United States of America have planned, funded and implemented a direct attack on homosexuality in Uganda, citing biblical interpretation and transporting myth and lies to a country plagued by poverty and seasoned for ‘scapegoating.’

Homosexuality is currently considered by most Ugandans to be criminal under current legislation. Section 140 of the Ugandan penal code criminalizes “carnal knowledge against the order of nature”. However, homosexuality is not explicitly mentioned in the Act, leaving room for judicial interpretation.

Anglican and MP David ¨Kill the Gays¨ Bahati (Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi is his ¨spiritual advisor¨)
David Bahati, an ambitious young member of parliament, is seeking to close this legislative gap. After meetings with U.S. backers and receiving encouragement from Uganda’s first lady, the Anti-homosexuality Bill, (AHB) otherwise known as “The Kill the Gays Bill,” was born. The AHB takes existing legislation much further by mandating harsh sentences such as death and life imprisonment. It also provides for the arrest of those who fail to report people whom they know to be homosexual.

Currently the AHB is languishing in uncertainty, causing a conundrum, not only amongst the LGBT community and concerned activists, but within the Ugandan government itself.

In an explosive new Wikileak report out today by Paul Canning of LGBT Asylum News, it is confirmed that the Bahati Bill has the support of the wife of President Museveni:

“According to a newly released US diplomatic cable, the wife of the President of Uganda, Janet Musceveni, “is ultimately behind” the Anti-Homosexuality (AHB, ‘Kill gays’) Bill. It is signed by the US Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier.

It quotes a 2009 private conversation with Senior Presidential Adviser John Nagenda, who had just published a column in The New Vision newspaper comparing the AHB to McCarthyism and the Inquisition. He told an Embassy Political Officer:

Religious Zealot, dangerous First Lady/Bigot Museveni HERE lectures on ¨Gays¨ being part of Gods curse who sell their souls for money
“President Museveni is “quite intemperate” when it comes to homosexuality, but that the President will likely recognize the dangers of passing the anti-homosexuality legislation. He said First Lady Janet Museveni, who he described as a “very extreme woman”, is ultimately behind the bill.”

“He added that the bill’s most vociferous public supporter, Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo, is a “very bad guy” responsible for a campaign of mass arrests – known by the Swahili term ‘panda gari’ – during the early 1980s under the Obote II regime while serving as Kampala’s District Commissioner. Nagenda said Buturo is using the anti-homosexuality legislation to redefine himself and “will do anything in his power to be a populist.” He advised the U.S. and other donors to refrain from publicly condemning the bill as it fuels the anti-homosexual and anti-western rhetoric of the bill’s proponents.”

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