Sep 11, 2011

WICKEDLEAKS: Madame Deadly Despot, First Lady Janet Museveni, behind Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

The First Lady of Uganda,  Janet ¨the extremist¨ Museveni
¨According to a newly released US diplomatic cable, the wife of the President of Uganda, Janet Musceveni, "is ultimately behind" the Anti-Homosexuality (AHB, 'Kill gays') Bill.

The cable is amongst those newly released unredacted by Wikileaks. It is signed by the US Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier.

It quotes a 2009 private conversation with Senior Presidential Adviser John Nagenda, who had just published a column in The New Vision newspaper comparing the AHB to McCarthyism and the Inquisition. He told an Embassy Political Officer:

"President Museveni is "quite intemperate" when it comes to homosexuality, but that the President will likely recognize the dangers of passing the anti-homosexuality legislation. He said First Lady Janet Museveni, who he described as a "very extreme woman", is ultimately behind the bill."  read it all, HERE

Malicious Janet Museveni, Member of Parliament and First Lady of Uganda

"In God's word, homosexuality attracts a curse, but now people are engaging in it and saying they are created that way. It is for money The devil is stoking fires to destroy our nation and those taking advantage are doing so because our people are poor," she said. Mrs. Museveni advised the youth not only to listen to messages on how they can make money but also focus on spiritual growth. "You know that you will lose everything else when you lose your soul.¨ Mrs. Janet Museveni, First Lady of Uganda HERE

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