Sep 22, 2011

BIGOTS BE AWARE OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHARACTER: The righteous anti-LGBT loathing is all about a feardriven sickness inside of you!

Hating LGBT Anglicans/others more and enjoying it less?
O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12)

I´m certain this is no revelation to most, but, I´ve continously noticed, and even more recently by way some of the thickheaded Anglican Communion Primates that their historic never-ending loathing, demeaning and damning  HERE of LGBT Christians has absolutely nothing to do with the actual personal character of most of the hated Gay people at Church!  The excluding, outcasting, brutalizing, discrimination and assorted acts of absolute vileness directed toward LGBT Anglicans at Church reflects a tainted spiritual/emotional and illeducated point of view HERE by the demeaners.

Not-so-pure-pure-puritan persecutors of fellow human beings at Church have nothing to do with the commonly accepted standards/Commandments of Godly guidelines to fact, blind loathing, discrimination and fear/hate-mongering and other slanderous abuse, some which generates deadly crimes of hate, directed against LGBT Christians/others violates most of the commanded holy directives!

I´ve noted increasingly that grandstanding, grown, yet cowardly, men at Church are acting like vicious boys in shower rooms by smearing and trampling on the personal integrity of many LGBT Christians/others HERE more ...they think they know the intergrity, heart and soul of every LGBT human being...they no nothing and refuse to listen to the voices of LGBT Anglicans at Church...contempt prior to investigation seems to be their study guide.

Outspoken Primates at the Anglican Communion and their other arrogant dominionist accomplices/sponsors at Church seem to scurry about meeting at their ¨exclusive¨ pre-paid world-wide gatherings in order to further cover their very own filthy, and deadheaded beliefs against LGBT people.  At the end of these ongoing hatefests they issue despotic ¨directives¨  with orthodoxlike delight pontificating against LGBT Christians/others with heterosexual self-praise as defenders of true faith!

Glad I got that off my chest, the whole of the Global South group of dangerous bigots are a very emotionally damaged lot who really piss me off !

· Thanks to Fr. Jake, Stop the World
· Thanks to Thinking Anglicans, sidebar

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