Sep 30, 2011

PROMOTING IGNORANCE AND GENERATING MORE HATE IN NIGERIA: Anglican Primate attacks gay marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism as ¨great evils¨

¨...homosexuality, lesbianism and same-sex marriage was not the original plan of God¨
The Primate, Church of Nigeria, the Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh, has described the practice of homosexuality, lesbianism and gay marriage as great evils that must neither be condoned nor allowed to further exist in our society.

Entering into a Gay Marriage earns the damnation of the Almighty
“I want to draw you attention to what is becoming acceptable in some quarters which we must not accept. What is being known now as gay and homosexuality is contrary to God’s plan for human sexuality and procreation. It is against the will of God, and nobody should encourage it, and those who do will earn for themselves the damnation of the Almighty.

¨What is being known now as gay and homosexuality is contrary to God’s plan for human sexuality and procreation¨
“It’s through marriage that people should enter into true sexual life. It’s not the process of re-inventing the third person because God did not invent the marriage between two same-sex persons as the cases in homosexuality and lesbianism.” He admonished those practising it to repent and come out of it because it’s evil...¨ don´t miss one hatemongering word, HERE

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Changing Attitude, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, will campaign against the prohibition of marriage between persons of the same sex bill recently introduced in the Senate of Nigeria. HERE


motheramelia said...

A true sexual life is that which is true to the natures of the individuals involved. All this hate mongering is an affront to the God who gave us such a wonderful gift.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Being true to oneself and to God has been a very difficult thing...accepting myself as the authentic person that God created me to be is a huge and vital part of my very being-- how I could lie for hatemongering primates or anyone else is thankfully not a possibility in my life anymore -- however, facing the liars about people like me is a pleasure after being cowardly, at the expense of my true innermost character, before.

Of course this hateful anti-lgbt nonsense is an affront to God...on many fronts...the inflicting of injustice, outcasting and criminal abuse on LGBT Anglicans/Christians and others in Nigeria, Jamaica, Uganda, Iran an anywhere else is an abomination...emotionally and spiritually sick at the human core where fear and bigotry fight to survive reality.