Aug 27, 2011

NOT SO FAST, EDDIE : ¨Pastor Long’s accusers break silence...¨

¨We've followed the Pastor Eddie Long case since it burst into the headlines and, thankfully, made some finally question the hypocrisy and motivations of anti-gay pastors.¨
¨The way I saw people stand up and applaud this man. [I thought] how dare you.”

Hypocrisy/Nausea behind the pulpit:  Pastor Eddie Long and George W. Bush  HERE 
¨It made many of us question the special relationship between pastors like Eddie Long and politicians. It reminded us how important it is to ensure the separation of church and state because in a theocracy there is no questioning what comes from the pulpit. Well, you can but those in the pulpit will usually ensure you are imprisoned for it.

Our community was somewhat disappointed when Pastor Eddie Long successfully, and quietly, mediated his case because we wanted to hear the truth about hypocrisy behind the pulpit. It was important to measure Pastor Long's words about same gender marriage to see if they added up, or whether his bombastic sermons were just the rantings of an angry conservative fundamentalist pastor projecting hatred for those who had the nerve to be honest, and do things he never dared? It is an important narrative to ensure those on the sidelines will evolve towards equality when the sad truth about homophobia, and pedophilia borne of religious sexual repression, might come spilling out.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

¨Ironically, the two young men said in an interview in Miami last week, Long often compared his young charges to David, casting them as metaphoric armor-bearers to the bishop’s King Saul. Now they were being portrayed as Goliath.

“I just got quiet,” Parris said. “I started crying. I couldn’t even stop crying because I was angry. The way he walked up [to the stage]. The way I saw people stand up and applaud this man. [I thought] how dare you.”

A year later, the wounds are still raw for both men who, with two other plaintiffs, sued last September alleging the charismatic pastor “uses monetary funds from the accounts of New Birth and other corporate and non-profit corporate accounts to entice the young men with cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics.”

Yes, after the lawsuit was mediated then the alleged victims had to sit there and take it, or risk losing their settlement. Two of Long's alleged victims decided their silence isn't worth it.¨ HERE

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