Aug 4, 2011

SEXUAL DUPLICITY/CONNIVING/MURDER and INTRIGUE/DECEIT: The Real Life Daily Saga at The Church of England/House of Bishops/Lambeth Palace or A Movie About J. Edgar Hoover?

Indiewire reports that Warner Bros. has set November 9 as the release date for the Dustin Lance Black-penned J. Edgar starring Leonardo DiCaprio HERE
'J. Edgar' Gets Release Date

¨Aside from DiCaprio, the drama has a stellar cast including “The Social Network” breakout star Armie Hammer as Hoover’s assistant/closeted lover Clyde Tolson; Josh Lucas as famed aviator Charles Lindbergh; Ed Westwick as Agent Smith, an operative gifted with writing skills; Damon Herriman as Bruno Hauptmann, the man convicted of kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby; Judi Dench as Hoover’s mother; Naomi Watts as Helen Gandy, a Justice Department file clerk who ended up being Hoover’s personal secretary; Ken Howard as lawyer and jurist Harlan F. Stone; Jeffrey Donovan as Robert F. Kennedy; and Stephen Root as Arthur Koehler, a wood specialist at Forest Product Laboratories who uses his expertise to help Hoover investigate the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby by tracing the origins of the ladder used by the perpetrator...¨  read it all, HERE

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LURKING IN THE SHADOW OF DR. ROWAN WILLIAMS: ¨There are some dark corners in the Church of England where activity, unhealthy in terms of human wholeness and flourishing, takes place...¨

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