Aug 23, 2011

PETER MONTGOMERY: ¨Is anything more predictable in our current political culture than liberals being charged with religious bigotry?¨

¨Freaky and Dangerous¨

¨...It’s true that Christian conservatives “thrive in a mindset of persecution,” as Miller quotes HERE a scholar saying. That’s why religious right leaders have for decades been  criminalizing telling evangelicals that liberals and feminists and secular humanists and gays are hostile to religious liberty and are on the verge ofChristianity and dragging preachers from their pulpits and tossing them into jail. It’s ludicrous, though apparently still energizing.

But here’s the truth: religious right activists don’t need journalists portraying them as “freaky and dangerous” in order to see themselves as “political activists on behalf of God.” That’s what Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry and religious right leaders tell them they are, over and over again...¨  please read it all, HERE

·  Thanks to Frank Schaeffer
·  Thanks to Peter Montgomery
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