Aug 14, 2011

THE GRAND BLUFFTI: ¨Though she has attempted to whitewash her previous image of a very conservative Christian with theocratic leanings, it is important that the LGBT community not allow this “whitewashing” to take place...¨

U. S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R)
Bachmanns rise into the upper echelons of the Republican Party (and her rise as a serious presidential candidate) should give all moderates, independents, and liberals great pause.

Though she might attempt to style herself as a viable and mainstream candidate, her version of government is anything but moderate. Instead, it screams the elevation of one groups religious beliefs above all else, and that groups beliefs codified into law; and this, my friends, is what is known as a theocracy...¨read it all, HERE

Bachmann says she doesn’t ‘judge’ gays — except when she calls them ‘part of Satan’
“I am not running to be anyone’s judge,” Bachmann said, but Gregory did not let her off the hook so easily — “But you have judged them,”  watch the video, HERE

“If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement. And that’s why this is so the real words of  Michele Bachmann¨ HERE


Michele Bachmann’s Refusal to Answer for Her Medieval, Anti-Gay Views Is Getting Tedious

¨Uh, Michele, nobody is asking if you personally “judge” gay people, because we know that you do. And we’re well aware that you subscribe to the Christian equivalent of Islamist law, you know, the kind that teaches that dominionist Fundamentalist Christians are the only true and valid leaders, and that you have a responsibility to mold society, at a governmental level, to bring them in line with your screwed up religious beliefs. That is what people are asking you about, and the fact that you won’t answer is telling, as it reveals that you, on some level, understand that your views on these subjects are not socially acceptable to normal American voters, who deserve to know if a presidential candidate is trying to backdoor the citizenry into accepting a right wing Christian theocracy...¨ HERE

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motheramelia said...

Haven't been on your blog in a while. David's death took a big toll. Thank you again for keeping these issues in the forefront.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Mother Amelia,

I´m glad to see you and I thank you for visiting me...I wish there was something wise or helpful for me to add but I do have a great wish for your peace of mind and well are a inspiration to many.

I send you big abrazos from Central America,