Aug 31, 2011

ALWAYS THE ¨PEACE AT ANY PRICE¨ MAKER: Is Rowan Williams off to assure President Robert Mugabe there are no ¨liberal attitudes¨ offered toward homosexuals at The Anglican Communion?

Dr. Rowan Williams plans visit to Zimbabwe
¨Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is planning to visit Zimbabwe in October as part of a wider trip to Africa and hopes to meet with President Robert Mugabe to discuss a brutal dispute over church properties.¨

¨The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe has been in turmoil since 2007 after renegade bishop Nolbert Kunonga, criticizing what he said were liberal attitudes toward homosexuality, tried to remove the Diocese of Harare from the Anglican Communion, the worldwide community of Anglican churches.¨ HERE

Excommunicated Anglican Bishop/Mugabe buddy, Nolbert Kunonga
Among the many brutal disputes:
The illegal seizure by excommunicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga of the Arthur Shearly Cripps Shrine in Chivhu, Zimbabwe

Anglican pastors evicted illegally by Kunonga’s supporters:

The NY Times article on Kunonga deciphered:

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