Aug 24, 2010

FELICIDADES Josh Thomas/The Daily Office: ¨One million views of the work of my life¨


¨So I finally feel like I’ve arrived – not in heaven; but in my own mind, my own expectations of who and what I can be...¨ Josh Thomas HERE

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Thanks be to God!

¨...So it’s taken me awhile to realize that the personality, background and experience of the Worship Leader in any church or prayer website inevitably influences what goes on. I don’t feel guilty about it or apologize for it. Instead I think about the priests and lay leaders who have influenced me and my faith. I’m eternally grateful for them, even as I know they were just human beings. I’m allowed to be too. ´Of course I could be wrong.´

Beyond this issue of how I intrude on and guide the prayers, which is a serious responsibility and about which I am sometimes wrong, there are two other things running around in my head. When I started this operation six years ago tomorrow (August 24, 2004), I was just a guy owing God a big thanksgiving (for a home of my own) and looking for an easier way to pray, instead of all the page-flipping that saying Morning and Evening Prayer requires. I wanted it online – and God immediately answered, ´That’s a great idea. I nominate you.´ She has a wicked sense of humor HERE

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Josh Thomas said...

Leonardo, thanks. What a wonderful thing.

Do you know that when I type in my browser's search box and get to "leonardo ri," your name comes up on Google? I don't have to type the rest, just select you. I think that's cool!

Apparently I'm not the only one who's tried it, buddy. You're one of the most famous leonardo ri's in the world! (And the ONLY Leonardo Ricardo.)

Leonard said...

Thanks Josh, you and I will need to have them form a line for autographs after our book deal materializes (I think you ought write it and I´ll supply much of the insanity that has run rampant through my real life)!

Blessings to you and your Luke and you enjoy the sunshine of Summer...right now, this second it´s raining as hard as it possibly can without the roof coming´s been quite a rainy season and it´s not over until NOVEMBER...yikes!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I have 2 Leonardo Ricardos on my FB...